How to delete Google analytics account permanently

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Google analytics is a one among the best analytic tools which lets you track visitors on your website has updated the Google analytics settings which now allows you to easily delete the analytics account permanently.You can delete the whole account or those sub duplicate test account quickly just by logging in to your account.

Make sure that you remove the installed tracking code from your blog or website before deleting the account.

Deleting Google analytics account information

First login to your Google analytics account home and then navigate to Edit Account and Data Sharing Settings which has information about your Analytics id,account name etc.Click on Delete this account If you have a shared website data then all the administrative users (individual user) in your account will receive an email notifying them about the account deletion.

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Sidharth October 6, 2008

@Rishi – No, only your analytics userbase and the shared account will be deleted. Rest of the Google-linked services will remain intact.

Rishi October 6, 2008

But google analytic account is created through gmail account.if we will delete google analytic account then gmail account may also be deleted.
please let me know about this.

Narayanan Hariharan September 29, 2008

Hey, thanks for the info but I doubt if I’d wanna do that! I guess I’d wanna delete only if I’ve sold my blog to someone else 😀

Sidharth September 28, 2008

@stratosg – You can also delete the test or shared account on analytics easily..

stratosg September 28, 2008

why would you want to do that? i mean if you don’t use it just let it be!

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