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PayPal is a payment processing gateway offering free accounts where you can send or receive money online. Once you have an account at, you can always do a transaction, withdraw money, fund money by linking your credit and debit card. Now, not everyone wants to use PayPal for several reasons:

  • PayPal has a high transaction fee.
  • PayPal limits your account.
  • Fake cases can be charged on you.
  • PayPal customer support doesn’t respond to your queries, and so on.

The list can go endlessly, but if you are looking for an alternative to PayPal for online money transferring, you may want to try Alertpay, which is a private company similar to PayPal but has a low transaction fee.

Why AlertPay?

PayPal alternative/clone may not be “safe” — that’s what you may think, but Alertpay is a well-known company. It offers different business accounts which can be verified even with a photo ID and documents; this is specially useful if you are from a non-US country.

Although AlertPay has a high fee (similar to PayPal) for for money transfer, but they do provide better support compared to the PayPal customer service which often neglects and responds pretty late when required. With Paypal banning GTP (Get Paid to) sites, Alertpay has become the only payment processing system that doesn’t close your account.

AlertPay versus Paypal

The number of users at Alertpay are less compared to PayPal. PayPal was started early, and it was the only payment system during those days, but a number of companies have emerged since then. Both the payment processing system works exactly the way you want — if you want to transfer heavy amount of money then you have to verify your account.

PayPal has made it mandatory that verification of PayPal requires you to add credit card information. But for AlertPay, submission of Photo ID along with scanned copy of a legal document will suffice. Alertpay also offers an additional password called Transaction number just like an ATM, so that the account is secured and cannot be accessed easily by anyone else.

Moreover a lot of people prefer Alertpay to receive payouts from GTP sites (Get paid to click sites which offer small incentives if you browse webpages for a couple of seconds) as PayPal banned accounts of the admin of such sites, and these webmasters who had to pay the users had no choice but to make a shift from PayPal to Alertpay.

As usual, creating an account at Alertpay is totally free. You may want to give it a try.

Paypal Alternative – Join AlertPay

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Abdul Rehman June 18, 2010

The problem with that kind of site is they dont have any respect for their members and Im surprise that still exists.

Hasan May 12, 2009

Hi,i wanna know the detailed process how to transfer money from depacco account to bank account….Please inform me in my mail if u can….

Linda MacNeil May 2, 2009

Is it legal for an organization for ask for photo ID ( scanned passport, drivers license) after paying from pay pal and the money had been already given to the organization. Why do they still need my photo, credit card scanned both front and back if the transaction was already made? The credit card company and pay pal did not ever hear of this practice. Am I being scammed?

sam February 17, 2009

i want to trade .
I have 25 $ in my alertpay i need 25 $ in my paypal.

Anyone want to trade need 25 in there alertpay ..

please reply me.. its Y Hoo . Co m

Gadhadhraya February 15, 2009

Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it?s not a much.

$unil jain January 25, 2009

well i am using alterpay for multiple purposes
anyways nice post.

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