How to contact instant Paypal Customer Support Service

Paypal is a online banking service which allows you to receive, send, withdraw money from over 190 countries. In case something goes wrong with your account, Paypal doesn’t have a instant online support care to answer your queries which is a setback for lots of people who has there account limited due to violation in terms of transaction of money. So it is recommended to contact Paypal customer care support immediately for confirming your account problem.

Usually if the problem with your paypal account is not complicated then you can except them to reply you with a mail within 24–48 hours. You can contact Paypal support using this link or directly get in touch with there support service at

But the Paypal customer service seems to be lazy fellows who doesn’t reply to your mail and send a automated email reply? If your paypal account is limited or you need your account to be restored then to get these sorted, make a phone call to the paypal support phone number. Contact Paypal customer service by making a phone call to there USA number but you need to have a lot of time in your hands as they tend to ignore/waste your time by saying you to “hold on” for sometime.

After a lot of search for this,I found the paypal phone number +18882211161 which you can use this through SKYPE so that you can call for free without wasting money on US calls. This is the best way to explain the representative and fax or scan the things they ask you for instant uplift from the account limitation!

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Just found another Paypal Customer Support telephone number +1-402-935-2050. Hope this helps all the Paypal users who were finding it difficult for direct contact