Guide: Visa Virtual Credit Cards and more about VCC PayPal Numbers

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Here is an quick introduction on the topic of Visa Virtual Credit Card (VCC) which are popular in the online field, especially when it comes to PayPal. A lot of us use VCC to get our PayPal account verified. So what is it then? Virtual credits cards are safe to use and a replacement for real credit or debit cards. Consider them as online cards.

Every VCC comes with numbers, and when you use these numbers online, you can verify or shop the way you want. If you want to verify paypal account but you don’t have any credit or debit card, then VCC number can be helpful.

What are PayPal Virtual Credit cards

Virtual credit cards are online credit cards that can be used for PayPal verification. These are important information (numbers) that is generated by the seller to verify your existing PayPal account. In other words, adding VCC number to your PayPal account will unlock your account, ultimately making it possible to send money and receive unlimited dollars that was not possible with an unverified PayPal account.

Why use Virtual Credit cards

Every year, in fact everyday there are people who are victim of credit card theft and most of them point towards the Internet weak security and payment gateway system. If you are the one who do not want to make use of credit card and still want to verify PayPal account or shop online, then Virtual credit cards are recommended.

Get Paypal Visa Virtual card

To obtain a virtual credit card (VCC) or online credit card you have to contact any vcc seller or some companies which sell virtual credit cards. You have to make a small payment fee to obtain the virtual card. After paying the required fee you will get the information from the seller, for example:

Card number :
Expiry Date :  (mm/yy)
CVV2  :

Depending on the seller you will receive a Visa Virtual credit card or Mastercard VCC number. Enter the given information into your paypal account and remove the card to avoid chargeback.

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