Android Vs. iPhone iOS: Latest Numbers Says Android OS Rules the SmartPhones

By Jay Shah | Apple

Okay, we have already looked into the Android Vs. iPhone iOS 4 stats that reveals smartphone market shares and they reflect the obvious – Android OS is growing like never before. One look at these numbers and you get to know that 27% of all recent smartphone purchases have been Android devices.

And the same number for the Apple iPhone is 23%. But this is not really surprising isn’t it? After all, in the recent weeks you have been reading that Android shipments have gone up by 886% worldwide, compared to last year. So, some of that increase had to show here.

Android OS may soon be the largest Smartphone Platform

But these numbers are not the end of the story, if ever there is going to be one. The first big rider is that iPhone 4 sales numbers are not included here, in totality. The phone was available only in the last week of June; so sales data for only one week has been taken into account.

However when this data is taken into account for the next quarter, there might be some major changes because of the robust sale figures of the iPhone 4 being reported by Apple. Moreover, even after the latest Android growth spurt, the iPhone holds 28% of the total smartphone market while Android lags way behind at 13%.

It should also be noted that BlackBerry is still the overall leader with 35% overall share and 33% recent subscribers despite the recent waves by UAE’s telecommunication authority.

So, the gains of the Android OS over iPhone iOS are relative or are they real?

Well, let’s look at it this way: it’s a contest between 20 odd phones with the Android OS on four carriers and one phone on one carrier. The numbers no longer look awe-inspiring, do they?

And Nielsen has also revealed that the iPhone remains the most coveted smartphone today. 21% of all Android users would actually like to defect to an iPhone with their next purchase. The same number of would-be defectors in the iPhone camp is a mere 6%. Talk about a loyal customer base!

Even 29% of all BlackBerry users wish to buy an iPhone next!

As a customer, you should be happy, because the possibilities in the coming quarter are simply numerous. For one, what happens if Apple iPhone is available on another carrier other than AT&T? The dynamics will change and so will the smartphone landscape.

On the other hand as more and more Android devices hit the market, Apple is sure to have a tough time dealing with this multi-pronged Android attack. Moreover, a lot is expected from the Android 2.2 OS. So, just watch this space!

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Sergio December 7, 2010

never will looked at another iphone again.. android is the future, its better, faster, and you can custom any droid to be your own from inside to out..

bye apple, it was fun

Mark L. November 26, 2010

I was in the market for a new phone and I have AT&T (business/family account), so I didn’t have all of the great Android choices on all carriers…as a matter of fact, AT&T only has *one* acceptable Android as of right now (Samsung Captivate). I was unbiased and seriously considering getting and iPhone. I played with both Androids and iPhones and for me I knew there was no question which I would get…Android suits me much better. I’m not saying the iPhone is lower quality. It’s a great phone and wonderfully user friendly for people who want a smartphone. I just liked the endless options in customizing the Android…although AT&T tries their hardest to crush the open nature of the Android. So I got the Captivate, rooted the phone, installed the leaked version of FroYo (Android 2.2), made it sideload apps and (the most important part) remove all of the garbage AT&T crapware that comes pre-installed on the phone (with no way to remove it unless you hack into the OS). So now I have a *real* Android phone on AT&T and I couldn’t be happier. I think if you’re a heavier Google user, the Android is the way to go. If you’re a heavier Mac user, the iPhone is no-brainer. If you don’t fall in either category, go play with both phones and see which you like the best. If you’re tech savy and on AT&T you can have a monster Android comparable to the best devices on other carriers.

Juan Vera November 25, 2010

I’ve had all the iPhone models since 2007 up to the iPhone 4… I recently got very curious about Android and dumped my iPhone 4, went to a Sprint store and got both, the Epic 4G and the EVO 4G and I was so impressed I just cannot describe it! I feel like I was living inside a bubble wasting money (95+ monthly +apps…) thinking the iPhone was so awesome…I got a goverment discount(work @ VA) And I pay about 90$ for BOTH phones and I have the hotspot service on my EVO. Android phones are, in my opinion, way better than the iPhone….video calls, better carrier, way friendlier on your pocket, lots of variety…I love Android. Everybody should give Android a try.

Brent November 7, 2010

Android all the way. iPhone is terrible. I’ve had an iphone3GS, And I currently have the HTC Hero on Sprint, and will never EVER go back to an iphone…And the Hero is one of the weakest android phones on the market, and I will still never go back to an iphone, even if it was given to me, and I never had to pay a cell phone bill ever again, I would still choose an android device, they just do so much more…

peter October 9, 2010

I have owned multiple phones of Android and apples iphone. I currently have a HTC Droid Eris which at first wasn’t bad. It’s just the little things the all Android lags that the iPhone has always had, like just being a good functional device. I don’t see Android out living apples iPhone, especially if the iPhone hits Verizon and Sprint. I love Verizons coverage, and I’ve had a iPhone on AT&T and it downright sucked! I’m with Apple almost all the way and really hope to see an iPhone on Verizon or at least a different mobile company soon.

    Dan November 13, 2010

    Good functional device, but you say that the phone part sucked. (thank att) It’s an iPHONE. It has PHONE in the name.

    If your next statement was that using your Andriod on the Millenium Falcon totally sucked because the DROID part of the phone didn’t communicate with the hyper-drive.

    John January 11, 2011

    Unfortunately most tech pundits agree Android is the way of the future and RIM and Apple will be relegated to niche products much like their computers.

Blackberry Defector September 26, 2010

I am not sure if I will go iPhone or Android but I am dumping my BlackBerry like a hot rock once my contract is up.

Currently I am leaning toward Android but that could change by decision time.

Dt September 19, 2010

I would rather downgrade to a 1990s flip phone than go with ATT. Besides I absolutely love my Droid2. I was not impressed with any model of iphone (and yes…I have spent time with each model)

Randy September 3, 2010

I’ve had 2 Android phones to date and now, thanks to work, a 4th gen iPhone. No defending AT&T’s network (loyal Verizon guy here), but the iPhone is absolutely, far-and-away superior in almost every way to the Android phones, especially when it comes to images/video, and if Verizon/Apple ever come together, I’ll be the first in line waiting for my new iPhone or whatever the device is called. Seriously, anyone who tries to claim that the Android is better has either never used the iPhone or is compensating for something (iPhone envy).

Scoob August 18, 2010

Most of the Android users that want to switch are the ones that either have some of the first gen phones (Android 1.6 not the more recent 2.1). More and more people I talk to want an android phone. Unlike the iPhone, the android phones get faster with their OS updates.

ATT is also a negative item for iPhone users. My wife and her boss both have one and they loose calls all the time. I don’t remember the last time I lost a call.

And yes, iPhone users are falling into their Apple fanboy niche! Once they realize how good the android phones are, they will start switching at a faster rate. Just hard for a lot of people to get rid of a $200 phone unless they are having a lot of problems and have spent a lot of money on apps.

Evo Super phone August 8, 2010

When our contract ran out for our old Palm Pre phones we did a tremendous amount of homework before choosing a new contract. We looked at the top players and their signal providers, costs etc. We wanted a true smart phone and when it came down to it, that phone was clearly the Android and the 4G Evo. While the iphone is a fine phone for some, it’s more of a cult thing and the big downfall for me in the iphone was that I could not change the storage card or the battery. That’s simply ridicules! I rather looked at it this way…
The iPhone is an automatic transmission sedan. It does what it is intended to do with little user input and complete efficiency. The Droid on the other hand is a manual transmission sports car and begs to be hot rodded and made your own. Even the commercials tell the same story. The iPhone appeals to tweens that long to be herded with the masses and pretend to be techno geeks, while the Droid commercial is in your face defiance that speaks to the sophisticated user that wants to make their device one of a kind.
So essentially the iphone is just a marketing ploy and a brick with a label to me…

Jacob August 6, 2010

I agree. I am an iphone defector. it has such a limited UI and after you get over the novelty of shazam and a few other pointless apps you realize just how stupid the iphone is. HTC hero is the way to go i love it and i will never go back to an iphone.

King August 4, 2010

@desire, I second that. Only I did it with my Evo 2.2. It was like fishing with dynamyte! Geez. People will only get tired of the limited OS and the same ol look the iPhone has. Lord knows I have.

desire August 4, 2010

I have a HTC Desire n my gte has the new I phone 4 I put the phones in to test n desire is heaps better in terms of the multi tasking, GPS, camera, speed, almost every aspect.
On the desire while playing a song I open several apps at the same time. About 3 games, Google maps,even the fm radio, camera, cam code, typing sms, surfing net, I just pushed it to the wall I wanted to see when it’s gonna crash. But it was still going,
Then I tried the same with the I phone n it was a mistake. The camera won’t work etc

Android is definitely the way to go thumbs down for the I phone it’s just a marketing phenomena

    The Truth September 3, 2010

    What are you talking about? It sounds to me like you’ve never used an iPhone 4. I have an iPhone4 I’ve had 30 apps initialize while using everything including the camera I don’t understand your post. The only thing I can think of is it never happened.

      Sean December 8, 2010

      the iphone 4 multi tasking is pants, try doing things with each of your supposed 30 apps you have initialised then go out of it go into something else then go back to the apps you have opened and i guarantee they will not have saved state as to what you were last doing with that app. i have tried this test with my Xperia X10 and my mothers iPhone 4, my apps on my android went back to exactly how id left them but my mothers iphone however seemed to have restarted the app.. bizarre. anyway the iphone 4 technically doesnt actually multitask, the developers of apps have to implement this function and even so, in games and the likes will not save state as it would on android

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