New Nintendo Wii 2 Launching in 2011?

By Jay Shah | Games

For all of you who cannot have enough of the Nintendo Wii, there is a great piece of information. The next generation Nintendo Wii or the Wii 2 is supposedly as close to commercial launch as 2011! And this despite Nintendo going on record to state that the next Wii is still a ‘long way’ away.

While Nintendo has not confirmed or denied these latest Wii ‘rumors’, you can be sure that something is surely in the works. And Nintendo may simply be keeping mum over the issue, to take gamers all over the world by surprise and hence add to the novelty value of the Wii.

What’s new in Nintendo Wii 2 Console

The current reports suggest that the Wii 2 will have HD output and also a Blu-ray drive built in, among other upgrades which are yet to be revealed. This is obviously good news if you have thus far been using the Wii on an HDTV without actually being able to play HD games, while your friend with a PS3 has been happily enjoying 3D gaming on his console, much to your agony!

And if the new Wii is HD enabled it will be able to take on the PS3 and Xbox much better. Although the Wii has managed to sell more than 30 million units till date, it needs to bulk up and not rest on its laurels, if it wants to maintain the same sort of track record.

Wii 2 Console 2011

Considering that the current Wii only supports 480p video, it is about time that some upgrading is done.

But what is the rationale of putting in a Blu-Ray drive?

Certainly Nintendo is aware of the fact that Blu-ray as a optical media has not been able to make the sort of impact it was touted to. Moreover, the future of console gaming is digital downloads from online stores. So, perhaps this is just an option rather than a major feature in the Wii 2.

If Nintendo is really planning this HD Wii, it will have to bring out the product soon, because if the price of the PS3 drops below $299, Nintendo will have a tough time in putting a competitive price tag on the Wii. Add to that the fact that the PlayStation Move Controller is coming soon to give the same motion controlled gaming experience to users as the Wii, and you have Nintendo between a rock and a hard place. Hopefully they have a trick or two up their sleeves!

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l3im.c April 26, 2011

one thing i would gess is when it does happen it will involve the 3ds in some way after all the wii remote uses gyros and motion control has anybody realised that all thes are also now a 3ds staple pehaps nintendo will pull of the perfect sync of portable and home consle imagine looking thro ure 3ds and seeing games that look like they come out out of the tv and thru your 3ds screen pure spectulation guys

Will April 25, 2011

I think nintendo should leave the wii alone and do something completely different. Ya HD is nice but I have an XBOX 360 and a PS3 and love them both to death while my wii is just sitting in my attic. I think they should have a different controller scheme with an optional motion controller like PS3. If it gets more HD games / hardcore games like Portal 2, Call of Duty (Which I know it already has but not much and not that great of gameplay), or Bioshock I might buy it.

    MooBert April 27, 2011

    I love how wrong you are. The gameplay for CoD is better than the controller, just lesser graphics, which isn’t much.

Blank April 16, 2011

Ok, obviously, Nintendo is like Apple. There is soo many things like iPad 2 and maybe and probably iPhone5(pretty soon or later) and the latest from Nintendo is the Nintendo 3Ds. SO I’m just telling you, WAIT AND SEE because there even might be a Nintendo Wii 3 or 4 or whatever you can think of. WAIT AND SEE THE NEW CONSOLES!

    TK April 22, 2011

    How do you figure? The Wii came out in late 2006 as hasn’t seen any reworks or major improvements. Apple has spewn out 5 iPhones, 7 or 8 new iPods, and two tablets. A new Nintendo console (and an HD one) are long overdue.

nintendo fan 1010 April 14, 2011

nintendo needs to step it up the new xbox has came out so all they need to do is wait for the PS4 and try to match the graphics nintendo needs to step it up or else nintendo will R.I.P along with sega

Progranimator March 31, 2011

I’m very interested in an upgraded HD Nintendo device, however I’d like to see some sources here before you start claiming that something nintendo has denied up and down is fact. You’re making a lot of tall claims, without much evidence to back them

On the upside though, emulation has proven that all Wii games are scalable, meaning that they can be run in any resolution natively, provided the hardware is powerful enough. They won’t look as pretty in HD due to the resolution of the textures, however it would enable them to be a lot sharper and cleaner on HD television screens.

Phazer Effect March 20, 2011

I’d buy it if they went back to a regular controller but it’d be cool if the motion control was optional like how the PS move is optional.

Tume March 19, 2011

i have the regular wii and it still keeps entertaining me and i hope that theres a feature in wii2 that allows you to play the old wii games but in higher definition i cant wait to play ssbb or mh3 in hd those games though look awesome in sub-hd 480p also 😀

and we can finally watch movies oh yeah!!

i hope they add the price to 299 or over but still under 400 euros then i will buy it but if the price is higher than ps3 then im going to buy ps3.

s March 7, 2011

wow!! this is cool!! cant wait to play with this one!!! thanks

vedant February 25, 2011


    Drew March 12, 2011

    Sony doesn’t own all the rights. Their patent has ended. Now everyone can use BluRay. I want Nintendo to have a BluRay console. The Playstation 3 was the worst console of all time, besides the Philips CD-i. Nintendo’s going to get it and there’s nothing you can do about it.

      Phazer Effect March 20, 2011

      PS3 worst console of all time???
      Are you on acid or something???

      Kyle March 21, 2011

      Aree Youh Onn Druqqs Asshole..?
      Yhur The Worst Human Beinqq On Earth For That Statement

anon February 24, 2011

i was doubting the release year of the Wii2 to be this year, but, after looking at the release dates starting from the super nintendo and on, i’ve noticed an interim of 5 years between each nintendo console. this is what i mean: the super nintendo was released in 1991, then the nintendo 64 was released in 1996, THEN the nintendo gamecube was released in 2001, T.H.E.N. the nintendo wii was released in 2006. THUS, after noticing that pattern, i’m guessing the next gen console for nintendo will be released during the holiday season on this year. that’s like… 9 MONTHS AWAY! that’s ample time to save up! HOORAY!

Theodore A. Aliotti February 23, 2011

I am very interest also when the WII 2 is coming out, can you play the old WII games, used the ascessories from the old WII, and will it be able to play 3D WII games, DVD, CD(S), and Blu-Ray.
P.S. I hope the machine comes out soon. I am willing to pay about $300.00 dollars for the machine.

    Darth Bane March 4, 2011

    you will no doubt b able to use wii games with the wii 2. my reasoning for that is that u can play gamecube games on the current wii, so y wouldnt u b able to play wii games on the wii 2

      Jaclob April 25, 2011

      U couldn’t use ps2 games on ps3, but u could use ps1 games on ps2

tgrghrsg February 22, 2011

i really hope 2011

vanessa February 20, 2011

hi when is this wii 2 coming out??????? please let me know….. thank you

whatthe February 17, 2011

“Current reports suggest…”

So what are your sources for any of this information?

Helmut February 15, 2011

I have a ps3, ps2, n64 and i am going to buy the wii 2.
I am an old nintendo fan, and playstation fan and i think it is stupid to say that one thing is better than the other, because some people thinks one thing and other people think something eles, so you cant decide what console is the best because some of you guys love wii and others like ps3 and other likes xbox, and a console usual stop working if you dont take care of it.


Calixto February 10, 2011

Wii is the best!
Wii 2 will beat PS3, PS4, PS100 and Xbox360, 720, 1440, 99999999….

For those who knows what they want, they want Nintendo.

Wolf876 February 9, 2011

Hmmm….Wii 2? I had enough of Wii 1. And Wii 1 DOES have problems. The 2006-2008 wii does. The black ones’s, I have no clue. But when I played my Sims 3 on my Wii, it froze up. The Wii couldn’t handle the graphics. WTH. I hate wii and always will. PS3 is beast so far! Let’s just see how the next Wii will bii! !

    nolan234 February 9, 2011

    yes the beast you mean best? and ethier way if you dont like the wii THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE?

    wii = pwnage
    wii + upgrades =PWNZOR
    wii + upgrades + hdtv + blu ray + unknown = IMA FIRIN MAI LAZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


Gamerdad February 8, 2011

Simple Solution: If you want to buy it, buy it.
If not, don’t. If you like it, well then, GREAT.
If you don’t, sell it to someone who might.
30% of “US” who are bashing ANY system are going to either play or buy it anyway because “WE” are gamers!
Unless you’re making systems yourself, RELAX, PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE! Let the world turn… “YOUR” SYSTEM WILL SHOW UP!

OldMarioFan February 3, 2011

To be honest, I moved off Nintendo. I can’t stand motion control, I can’t stand Disney and those other third party noob companys! I decided to get a PS3 and my god it is awesome! I still buy Nintendo first party games and all that but I don’t really use it. I don’t care about HD and Bluray because I’m still using a 720 HD ready screen haha! And to be honest, the 3DS looks f**king rubbish! I’m going to stick to my PS3, Gamecube and freaking Snes!

A angry fan.

JZNG February 3, 2011

I really hope Nintendo comes out with a new system this year. It’s possible. But also i’m not sure. With all the attention on the 3DS. It’s probably a bad marketing strategy to release both around the same time. But what do I know..

The Wii has been out since 2006. and it’s technology is starting to look very very outdated. It was already outdated to begin with. Nitendo fans need something new! That’s not a portable console!

Austin January 31, 2011

I disagree with everyone who thinks its a bad Idea for another wii to come out.

The wii was awesome just like all of Nintendos conole
The xbox was great too.

But the Ps3 was just made for failure!

    wiiman February 9, 2011


Cedric January 15, 2011

To those of you who thought the Wii 2 is just some fan-made fake, it isn’t, and there’s proof–Machinima from youtube even posted a video of the trailer for Wii 2. Go search it.

    Lol January 17, 2011


    Toast January 21, 2011

    You’re a fool. It’s a fake trailer made for fun.

    mark @sony January 24, 2011

    Its gonna be shit thats why they it will never get made

Daniel Strethers January 13, 2011

Here is some food for thought: Nintendo fans will buy whatever crap Nintendo puts on the market. If you liked playing their games in the 80’s you should feel right at home whether it’s called N64, Cube, Wii, or Wii2…THE GAMES HAVE BEEN THE SAME RECYCLED STUFF FOR LIKE 20 SOMETHING YEARS. They don’t do what their fans want, they do what puts the most money in the stock-holders hands. Wii 2 will ultimately falter for the same reasons: Most 3rd party games suck and this time they’ll tape 3 gamecubes together and call it “state-of-the-art.” If you haven’t noticed they build all their hardware half-assed with the cheapest components and make You pay for the upgrades that should have been there from the start. I will not waste my money again for a crap archaic online experience (friend codes) and lack of supporting their own products. No-thanks, not again.

    Rusty Shackleford January 17, 2011

    I believe that is the Xbox 360 you are talking about…

      tillmann January 19, 2011

      I totally agree with you rusty. If the wii was built with such crappy components, why has it had the least amount of problems out of all the current systems??? hmmm? Xbox 360 Red ring of death, Ps3 just freezes all the time, and what about the wii? Nothing.

    stfu January 18, 2011

    then go play phailstation or rod-box360 noob

jmacias January 6, 2011

please wake up and smell the coffee. no one really knows what is really going to happen with all the systems(ps4,xbox720,wii2,dreramcast2)until they come out.

Antonio Luciferi January 6, 2011

Doesn’t anyone realize this is a bogus report; this guy is blowing smoke. His claims are unfounded and mere speculation. His composition is middle-school at best filled with unsubstantiated “truths”. He’s just writing to stroke his ego just to start a “wave”, leaving him to say “I said it first.”
Back up your facts by siting your references. Just a sad display of tabloid journalism:P

    Shutup January 15, 2011

    For someone so critical you’d think spellcheck would be crucial. Btw, your name screams “pretentious”.

      Matt Hornsby January 24, 2011

      So does the fact someone miss spelled something make a difference to a point? Or a name for that matter? I happen to be dyslexic does the fact that I can not spell or miss errors make my point any more irrelevant? I mean an Engineer like me can not have a cogent view until I learn to spell and sorted out my grammar!

      Anyway I agree with Antonio there is no point to this type of journalism. This needs references rather than a load of assumptions on trends in the industry. This has no real relevance.

      Also Bare in mind the wii was designed to be fun for all and cheap. So Nintendo said that people don’t really want a DVD because they would have at least one in different tech. “What if we look at the interactive side”. They also spotted that graphics was not so important, Thou I would disagree. You have to look at it logically.
      HD is important now as they missed out with that last time. Price is important as they like to go for the family market so Bu ray could be out. 3D is possible but I think they will want to make it cheap so may be out. So I think they will do little more than improve on what they are doing such as, better game response, Full HD and total interaction. In conclusion if there is any big differences with the Wii 2 it will be 3D. But I don’t think they will do that.

anonymous user January 4, 2011

Sony Wii???
Are you retarded!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Bethany January 1, 2011

I am so disappointed in Nintendo. They screwed up and spent no time with original users for their current machines. They barely put out any good or decent games and they didn’t even touch on applications. I would have loved to have had more WII Internet Applications, like Pandora, Hulu Plus, Flickr, ect.. They just didn’t try hard enough. These companies would have given them what they wanted, if they would have paid a bit… and in the end, they would have been on top, because the PS3 and XBOX have been much more in tune with its customers and gamers.

Shame on you Nintendo. I will not sell my 2 original wii systems and I will not buy a Nintendo WII 2. You can kiss my ass, I’m through with you.

    TBB January 3, 2011

    I agree with you, even though I will be buying the Wii 2 (or whatever it’s called whenever it comes out). I have loved Nintendo since the 90s, and they COMPLETELY dropped the ball with the Wii. Where are the good games? Why so many 3rd party developers? When they became the number 1 system, it’s like they panicked and stopped decent game production.

    They pissed me off so badly, that I went out and bought a PS3…only to be disappointed in it because I’m not a true Playstation fan. I just know that Nintendo needs to get it’s crap together before the launch of a new console.

    ASDF February 3, 2011

    I once had a good ole Nintendo DS Lite and it lasted me for years. Since the Wii came out after the DS Lite, and the DS had plenty of good CPU and all of that, my Wii wasn’t that bad. I love the Wii even if I now have a xbox 360 with kinect, I still play my Wii all the time. I’m preordering the 3DS because of all of Nintendos epic wins, but remember that the Wii was just as amazing to people as Pac-Man.

    Blog Vader February 9, 2011

    If you only had a brain…That stuff wasn’t even mainstream or even made yet regarding flickr and all that junk when nintendo released their console. If you noticed that MicroSux and Pile of Shit station all copied Nintendo. That’s how far ahead Nintendo was…PS crap and MSux just made what Nintendo did but better only on the graphics side. The tech that allows stuff like flickr to be on xbox or ps was developed much later and that is the only reason it is on xbox or ps and when nintendo made their system flickr and junk was only a flicker of nothingness on the web. In translation if you look at it….Nintendo made all this possible. Nintendo rules! I will admit, alot of their games suck and are for kiddies but they do have some good ones…PS and xbox have a ton of awesome games I admit it but the wii is a good play….I am a hardcore metroid fan so have to have a wii, besides if I had a ps or xbox I’d never leave my house and I’d get fat…So it is good to have a wii so I won’t turn into a fatass

Jesse December 28, 2010

the picture is edited >:)

    jfk January 14, 2011

    thanks for the heads up, we totally didn’t notice that

Talan64 December 27, 2010

I want the Wii 2 to utilize HD, having a Blu-Ray player built into it would be great, as I could then dispose of one of the other components in my entertainment system, and clear some clutter!

Kiarash December 26, 2010

Am getting a Sony wii today

henzbot December 22, 2010

Great journalism here, dude makes up an entire story based on his own thoughts. Where did you get your information? (the answer is: his own imagination).

Confused December 12, 2010

I want to get a Wii but I have the habit of always buying things a few months before a better version comes out for the same price… (like iPods). Like someone said, this may have been photoshopped…. but Wii was compared to Xbox Kinect on another website, and every comparison of the games made Wii look bad. I think it is definitely time for a Wii 2. Check out the differences:

Hypgamer December 6, 2010

You do know that the Blu ray technology was produced by Sony so how could Nintendo get their hands on that technology without ripping off Sony for the Blu ray reader? And that picture that is showing on this site is just a photoshopped picture of the Wii with the number 2 put next to the logo on the original console known as the “Wii”. So before you go and believe all this crap, you should probably cross reference with other more creditable websites.

    HC gamer December 17, 2010

    You say that nintendo would be ripping off Sony for implementing a blu ray technology into the next generation Wii. What do you think Sony did when they came out with the Move for PS3.

    Sierra December 19, 2010

    You do realize that Blu-ray players are for sale to be purchased and installed in any device. Every company that wants to use Blu-ray technology in their device does not need to reinvent the wheel. That is how sharp, samsung and every other brand of plu-ray player gets their drive. Adding a blu-ray player only makes sense. For realitively low money you get two key features: Increased storage, and a blu-ray DVD player so that customers that don’t have a blu-ray player have more reason to buy it.

call_of_duty November 22, 2010

the Wii needs like the xbox that u can talk to pp on the thing and the menu shud have it like the ps3

Wii Too November 22, 2010

It’s called Wii HD, and the reason why Nintendo hasn’t said anything, is something you hit right on the head, about getting more sales with the Wii, but this will not stop them from selling games for the Wii.

There will be:

Wii and Wii HD

So you will have the option of utilizing the lower priced system, gamers and developers, or go with Wii HD. You will still be able to play Wii games on it, they will have a little more luster on them though.

There isn’t exactly a confirmed date for 2011 because Nintendo R&D wants to ensure that this system does not hit the same walls the competitors have. These walls have caused 360 and PS3 to cease function at times, and Nintendo does not want to suffer expensive recalls. This is a reason there wasn’t a increase in graphics with the original, more tests needed to be done, and business strategist came to the conclusion with Nintendo execs that the console would sell with motion innovations over visuals. So they were able to sit back watch the other systems, while R&D gets to work on something that isn’t new but what people will thirst for in the next console (HD). No need to really even make a new (new) system, its just an update that will sell like a new console (the competition now has motion, and Nintendo will have HD).

So when you see “Wii HD”, it will be a lot more sturdy than the current HD systems, less power consumption, and it will not double as a furnace (1st gen 360).

Now what I do NOT know is what IBM is doing with the new microchips, and if Nintendo will make it easier for developers in light of Microsoft’s indie development numbers. They lowered the standard of quality for developers as you see in some of the games that are for sale (Christmas tree decorating? WTH?), so they need to go ahead and open the door a little more for indie developers. Then there wouldn’t be such a huge interest in WiiHomebrew.

Speaking of developers, third party devs will begin releasing more of those high def titles for WiiHD, although we might not see full Final Fantasy titles (like 13, etc.), they will look a lot better than they do now (Crystal Bearers). It will be exciting to see the next installment of popular titles that are currently on the Wii as well.

PS- Say goodbye to the motion bar. Hello “3D”.

ron jerod November 21, 2010

Fancy pants, you blowhard!!

Guest2332 November 21, 2010

i have heard it can scan ur brain or make holographic images, anyone back me up?:p

Guest2332 November 21, 2010

i have heard it can scan ur brain or make holographic images, anyone back me up?

uZzY November 20, 2010


    jimmy December 2, 2010

    thats stupid

    KiSs December 27, 2010

    Hahaha oh yes it will, why? you worried? Lol cause you spent so much money on that piece of crap lol….let be honest, it was and is still over hyped! Sony keeps talking about how powerful it is , lol, I am yet to see that!!! Have you ever asked yourself this question ” why are 90 percent of the bloody games displaying at 720p and not the full 1080p?..go to your nearest games store and check it out yourself!!! Tell you what it has major problems handling 1080p frame rate in gaming. That bloody piece of crap, is too slow in loading games, only good for bluray and thats how the sold it to you. Online is shit too, but then it’s free, so what do you expect, full of people leaving of wellfare lol (joke) but for real though the only game I thought was great was “God of war 3” that gave a bit of hope.

David November 12, 2010

nintendo just annouced this is nnot coming out and anyways its a dumb idea to throw away a whole console just for HD

rubberbabybuggybumpers November 3, 2010

nintendo needs to make some kickass games that use controllers not motion to bite back at the other consols that are trying to crowd the motion market that wii has dominated for so long

Matt Caldwell October 15, 2010

I’m not a violent person but sometimes I like to play hack and slash violent games. That is one area that nintendo has never bought into, and a huge money making market that competitors have tapped into.

    Jeremy Meyers December 11, 2010

    Two words. Mad. World.

      Jack December 24, 2010

      Yes. Very Yes.

black man October 12, 2010

tis gay

nick chan October 12, 2010

wii owners just wants good HD upscaled output for their HDTV. they don’t need bluray. ResidentEvil4 3D capabilities, albeit “inferior” to PS3 or XBOX, still can reap awards.

Lee October 3, 2010

Just make the graphics realy good so the games that you already were making just fine are up to date with the standards, gimmicy stuffs good, but not for as long as the quality of a powerfull console.

RipYouOpen September 28, 2010

I think you all need to wake up and realize that the new media is the old media, solid state memory. With tech making great strides since N64 thanks to mp3 players, ipods, smart phones, etc. everyone is taking a step back.

People now run there OS on their computer on a solid state hard drive to speed general performance. It will be the way for everything soon enough. As our tv’s continue to go deeper into the internet, they will soon have solid state hard drives.

Optical drives are already obsolete. That’s why blu-ray is in the Redbox, because its already fading, not because it is now main stream media. Downloaded content, streaming video, and solid state memory is what it will all boil down to, and soon enough, all on your flat screen.

The next nintendo system will be solid state memory again, most likely with direct downloads to an ample hard drive for game purchase. Maybe even built into your new led-lcd.

Jack September 21, 2010

I don’t know if this has been stated inbetween the fights between consoles in the comments above, but i believe that if the wii were to go HD, blu-ray would be necessary for some games. Some wii games are around 4gb in size at the moment being scrubbed down as well, imagine that game in HD, were talking 6-8gb, standard game discs are DVD’s (correct me if i’m wrong) they only support up to 4.7gb? I may not be correct, but blu-ray supports larger file sizes so HD+Blu-Ray=ideal

hdwiidotorg August 18, 2010

Yep, I think it should launch around 2011-2012 by all reports. Considering it will be first cab off the rank, and Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox “720” are expected to launch around the 2012-2013 window, it makes sense for Nintendo to push out a new console, particularly because the Wii is SD.

Jimmy August 16, 2010

You people love to go back and forth =P… Listen its just speculation, ya most of the time it is real or has some connection and you can’t base your decision on a release of a console because of the games =P It’s happened before with games like God of War 2.. Nintendo if anything has some of the best marketing teams in the world, Hence the fact they sold 70 Million + console (I know it is not souly based on that but it plays a major role) They may have a new console in 2012, they may not, but don’t let the release of one game fool you… who’s to say the “wii 2” isn’t backwards compatible? Nintendo is smart and if they wanted to release both products in the same year they will no do it. In the end its all about making money, and Nintendo will as always will make sure they have a nice comfortable source of income, so they won’t risk something like that. As far as what will be in the hardware is anyones guess, and ya the guys right about Nintendo trying to avoid royalties fee’s (I.e their income comes first) they will not adopt other tech but as always come up with their own innovative form of media, and who knows what it might be? The fact it no one besides the Nintendo themselves knows what is taking place at this moment but judging by trends Nintedno always adopts I am sure the next generation of Nintendo’s console will be affordable, exciting and unfortunately will continue to make a push towards the casual gaming market know that they know that that is where the money is at. (Cause if it wasn’t sony and microsoft wouldn’t be tagging along with Kinect and Move)

Antistupid August 16, 2010

Nintendo is way smarter than that! I mean they did figure out a way to re-package a game cube, give it a new controller and dupe 50 million morons into buying it! Their next system will probably be a re-designed N64 with an old Nintendo Power glove controller. They’ll call it the “Mega Nintenblow 128”. Then package it with a copy of 007 Golden Eye and millions of idiots everywhere will flock to the store to throw down $250 on one!

    Christopher castelli August 16, 2010

    real idiots, are those that insult people as a recreation like the writer here!!!! There are plenty of great games available for the wii to justify purchase. How about the geniuses that payed 600 dollars for a gaming system! And I own all 3 attend ( but bought the wii first and love it, still do…. try getting all the classics on the other 2 systems ( virtual console ). I was smart enough to wait for the other 2sydtems to go down in price, especially the ps3!!! Gambits just show ignorance when they post crap like this !!! Grow Up !!!

AB August 15, 2010

Nintendo will not include blu-ray. Nintendo always use proprietary technology to avoid royalty costs. They avoided using DVD for two generations.

Nintendo is about making games and unique gaming consoles, not multimedia devices.

    PS3wannaBe August 17, 2010

    What they are saying is that for Nintendo to continue to compete with the all mighty PS3 they will need to do HD output.
    I would like to see Wii do blu ray, for sure that’s what Xbox will do on it’s next console.
    Don’t say that blu ray is owned by Sony because it isn’t. Not entirely anyways 🙂

      >_> August 21, 2010

      DVD’s have been doing HD for a long time. The normal Wii is certainly capable of doing 720p, just like the gamecube did. That’s why there’s analog HD cables for it. HDMI is not the only HD medium, you know. Now, the problem is that developers haven’t really used the Wii to make games with high definition, is all. It would take a lot of space.

BulletProof August 15, 2010

are you censoring you comments because we dont support your view point.

Jacob!! August 15, 2010

“Add to that the fact that the PlayStation Move Controller is coming soon to give the same motion controlled gaming experience to users as the Wii”

Ha, sorry to say but the Playstation Move will be much better then the Wii controllers. Don’t get me wrong, but the Wii can be fun to play. I almost bought one a few months ago but then I remembered that the playstation move is coming out and it will blow the Wii away as far as precision with motion controller. Yeah, Nintendo does need to come out with Wii 2.

    Matt August 30, 2010

    While the play station move does in fact support superior motion base gameplay it also means a number of things. Price: The PS3 already has a high price tag and with the “wand” controllers ($49.99), navigation controllers ($29.99), and camera ($39.99) to total that with the console up to around $420. while wii adds up to $250. Control: while with the wii you can flick your wrists (which i dont mind) with the PS3 move has a camera fixated on the glowing ends of the fleshlight *cough* .. i .. mean controllers. This will require more motion and activity. this also brings up the question “Can the move do fps like the wii can?” idk i guess we will find out.

      Lol September 11, 2010

      “Can the move do fps like the wii can?” idk i guess we will find out.

      What kind of a question is that? The next SOCOM game is going to be Move supported and its way better than the Wii fps games. And I know cuz I own a Wii and PS3

Ikram232 August 15, 2010

im not sure but it looks fake

Turok August 15, 2010

Your all morons. Why the hell would nintendo dare use Blu-Ray? Are ye inbred fools that ignorant of the gaming industry?! Nintendo will find an alternative so as long as not a single penny goes to Sony’s coffers. Its always been this way since the time of ps1 vs n64. Believe me when I say this: Nintendo will NOT use Blu-ray its stupidity and sensationlism by troll mobs at its finest. nobody remembered n64 gamecube times huh…

Anon August 15, 2010

Why the hell would you even waste your time writing this?! Are you a moron?

Skyward Sword launches in 2011. There is no chance that Nintendo would launch a new console in the same year as the next console Zelda game.

Blu-ray will also NOT be part if the Wii 2. Nintendo finds its own way to upgrade their hardware and never do they use a competitor’s hardware in doing so. You’re an idiot.

    Rudy August 16, 2010

    “There is no chance that Nintendo would launch a new console in the same year as the next console Zelda game.”

    lol Twilight Princess

Jack Meoffer August 15, 2010

My cock hurts because I just fucked my wife. Thank you

Why August 15, 2010

“Certainly Nintendo is aware of the fact that Blu-ray as a optical media has not been able to make the sort of impact it was touted to. Moreover, the future of console gaming is digital downloads from online stores.”

I almost gave this “article” weight until I read that.

This is the epitome of that aphorism: “talking out of your a…butt.”

    BulletProof August 15, 2010

    yeah if he doesnt understand how sonys gamble with bluray
    has payed off

    he doesnt understand multimedia what so ever.

    bluray is now main stream.

    its in every redbox almost all new computers and in almost every house.

    Bill October 14, 2010

    That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    Seems to me he is implying blu-ray will get the impact it needs by Nintendo’s help from putting it on the Wii2.

    Wii sales dropped off a cliff this year. With the amount of unsatisfied owners of the overhyped Wii, seriously doubt blu-ray on the Wii2 will do anything to help blu-ray sales. Might be the other way around though… but then, why not just get a PS3 that already has a huge software base and strong 3rd party support… not to mention 3D gaming and Move?

    Face it, Wii sales will not reach the astronomical PS2 levels, and now Nintendo have to make a new console to compete with the PS3.

    Nintendo screwed up big in it’s chance for redemption in home console competition… it’s called the Wii.

Big E August 15, 2010

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !

    tool486 August 16, 2010

    What I find hillarious from this article is playing Nintendo Wii games in HDTV!!! Ha Ha Ha! Yes, I wish to play shitty Flash games in HDTV!! That’s why I spent a couple thousand… to play Wii games in HDTV!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha! I can’t wait to see my Wii characters in HDTV. Obviously it’ll improve on the already sub-par (yet highly addictive) graphic quality!! Wow, maybe Wii2 will have 5.1 Surround sound so I can hear all the beep boop noises in high quality!

    C’mon. I love my Wii but it’s not to play HD games. Wii is an every person’s game… not geared towards hardcore gamers. I use my pc or PS3 for that. Geez!

Don August 15, 2010

Are you kidding me. BluRay is not making the impact that they thought it would? Games through digital downloads? Already the 360 is starting to suffer from its lack of vision by not having a bluray drive. The bluray option is what sold the PS3. No one wants to disk swap and not everyone in America is connected. You would be a fool not to have a bluray drive. Everyone knows that by the end of every gaming cycle game sizes double. We are now making 16 GB premium games. We will be in the 50gb range next generation. With Cable companies cutting back bandwidth how are you going to download a 50gb game. I have 50 games that I still play. Do you think that the next game system should have a 3 terabyte hard drive? With a 250 GB download limit and with netflix, torrents, and online gaming running you may find your self unable to purchase a game. Don’t even mention net neutrality. The supreme court has already ruled against the FCC. Sorry make mine a bluray.

    PWNER August 16, 2010

    I think the majority of games, on Xbox 360 and PS3, usually use about 7 GBs of space. A 50 GB disc is stupid. The only companies that really use alot of the space on a BD are the first party companies like Naughty Dog and SCE.

      Video Game Blogger August 16, 2010

      Huh. That’s why Final Fantasy XIII was on 3 discs for the Xbox 360 and just 1 disc for my PS3? Sorry but while I love my 360 I want to see the next one have Blu-Ray. You are stupid to think that a console next generation can get by with a DVD because it can’t.

      PS3wannaBe August 17, 2010

      Metal Gear was huge, so is Final Fantasy and Mass Effect 2. 360 had to use multiple disks for that compared to the 1 on PS3

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