Working PS3 Jailbreak Unlock is Here, Finally!

By Jay Shah | Games

For all gamer out there, this should be sweet music: the PlayStation 3 has finally been hacked successfully! This means that you will be able to play PS3 games without using original disks.

This is possible only if you use a ModChip which is a USB device and is called PS Jailbreak. Not only can it modify PS3’s with the latest 3.4.1 firmware, it also works on older firmware versions.

The best part is that the PS Jailbreak device will not modify your PS3 console in any way. Once you unplug the device from the PS3 USB port it gets disabled. With this device you can transfer all PS3 you have into a portable hard drive base don a FAT32 system and play them directly from there. But keep in mind that this works only for PS3 games and not PS and PS2 consoles. Moreover, Games on Blu-Ray discs cannot be hacked either.


This modchip is now available for pre-order and should be available before the end of this month. Though it will give you the freedom to play without original games disks, you have to shell out a cool $169 to get your hands on this modchip.

Though this price seems ludicrous because you can get the console it for some more money, think of the big picture, before dismissing it as a grossly overpriced product. You will save a lot of money in buying original game disks in the future if you have this modchip.

If you are interested in getting this chip as soon as possible you can log in to OzmodoChips and place your order.

Once you have it in hand you can easily plug it into your PS3 and install it using instructions which can be downloaded from the product website. The GUI is elaborate and the entire installation should be over in seconds. The chip will disable all forced software updates but will never brick your PS3 console in the process. Even game lags and glitches will minimize because the games are played at two times the speed as compared to disks. Definitely a product worth getting!

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Jay simply loves any tech that can make life easier, better, faster and more enjoyable. And with hundreds if not thousands of Gadgets, Apps, Games being launched everyday, there's more than enough out there to keep this hardcore techie occupied and obsessed!

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Green cracker September 22, 2010

Maybe you can work hard and afford it but i live in India and here, ppl get off Rs 2500 a month. That kind of money is not given to 18 year olds. So are we to not play the PS 3 altogether? I’d be willing to pay if the games were cheaper, but the way it is now, i’d go to the dongle store.

masterwestern August 22, 2010

actually it’s good to be rich and able to buy cds but if we talk from the shoes of the morrocan who i am :
the ps 3 costs 3000 dhs + lcd whitch coasts 5000 dhs if we count just 3 blurays it means 3 games it’s 3×800
all this give us 10400 dhs and think of me with such total you can easely live for a year in our country so ok thanks sony you made the ps 3 a tool for very ritch poeple unfortunately i’m not wealthy so tree chears for the hacking!!!!!

    Kuss omak September 21, 2010

    Kuss omak 🙂

Michi August 22, 2010

Based on fat32?????

Fat32 support only files with 4gb!

coodybaroody August 22, 2010

You bunch of cheapskate LOSERS! its thanks to people like PSJailbreak who have made this that the rest of us suffer. PSN down RIGHT NOW because of this. why dont you just stop trying to save a few measly £ or $ n just pay for the goods LEGALLY!!!

    fool August 29, 2010

    shut up lame ass free games for all fuck sony

      Serenov September 9, 2010

      I hope you know, dumbass, if you -steal- games with Jailbreaking software, then the game making companies will stop making the games, because they are not profitting. Meaning no more good games; and the games that are still going to be around? They are going to suck. So why not think for a change? You support game makers and console makers, so that we can continue having fun. I bet you love Modern Warfare 2 or some other stupid game. If the company that made it didn’t make money from their work, they’d stop making games, because they would go bankrupt. As far as Sony itself goes, if they didn’t make the PS3, then these games would be un-hostable, leaving it to other game makers. BUT, if that happened, then people would jailbreak the Wii and Xbox, which would mean they would go bankrupt as well, and fail. Simple as that. Deal with it, I ain’t no richie dick. But I know that in order to have good things, fun things, I have to work for it.

        Crissua March 20, 2011

        Ok well first of all, if you think that jailbreaking, or hacking, or unlocking or whatever word you would use is sooooooo bad, then why are you on this website??? It is NOT stealing, it’s just making what you have better. Imagine you have a house and it’s completely paid off, it’s your house and you own it completely because you PAID for it. You have a couch in that house that EVERYBODY else has, but you don’t like it. You want to put a better couch in. Do you need to ask permission to buy a new couch? No. Are you going to get arrested for buying a new couch? Nope. Wanna know why? BECAUSE THAT’S YOU D*** HOUSE AND YOU CAN PUT WHATEVER D*** COUCH YOU FEEL LIKE BUYING BECAUSE IT’S YOUR HOUSE AND YOU PAID FOR IT. I hope my analogy didn’t confuse you too much you ignorant f*** 🙂
        ~C. Garcia~

    rejokerr September 12, 2010

    coodybarroodty – you need to keep in mind all the implications caused by hacking the PS3, or anything else for this matter. The computer you’re using right now, your PS3, your internet connection (cable,DSL, or fiber). MP3’s and smartphones…. All are because someone “broke the law” and started to hack these devices. Most companies don’t, and didn’t, do ANYTHING that would benefit the consumer (you). They did what made them money. AT&T had major leaps in technology that they BURIED! because they wanted consumers to be herded like cows. Chewing the crap THEY decided to spit out. I doubt you ever remember the time when you were forced to LEASE your home phone from AT&T. Understand this, LEASED the phone you plugged into the wall. You couldn’t run out to walmart to buy a new phone with better features (like wireless). They didn’t want you to so they could keep lease fee’s. They buried a lot of the industrial technology you use every day to watch tv, make a phone call, use a cell phone, and play on the internet. Depending on your age you wouldn’t understand the mindset of companies like Sony and AT&T. If you’re less the 40 years old you only know what hackers have changed to make your life better. You can buy cell phones (or any product for that matter) that change each year with better features because hackers modifications. They started by hacking devices of one company, making them better. Then, when other companies saw their devices not selling, they started to “add” new features so people would come back to them. SOME, “features” that you would think are so simple and stupid now, or even common place. Do you have a car with keyless entry? Unless you bought it from the factory that way…. You “hacked” your car. Alarms? You hacked your car. The car companies complained and felt this was against them. They even tried to make it illegal. When that failed they tried to VOID YOUR warranty for adding alarms, radios, and the like. The government had to jump in and create a law forcing the auto companies to comply. There is a law that says modifing your car will NOT void your warranty. You can look it up. They wouldnt have a law if somone (auto maker) hadn’t tried to do it. So keep in mind, while the companies claim hackers are “hurting” business. They too are making things better.

Chode Guerney August 21, 2010

Jay obviously didn’t nurture a lifelong love affair with the command of the English language.

    Sidharth August 21, 2010

    ‘We’ are not an English speaker, but the article looks all good to me. I’d really appreciate if you can point out the mistakes and I’ll take care of them. 🙂

    joe emonton September 15, 2010


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