Download Free PSP Themes | Themes for PSP 3004

I’ve discussed how to install themes on PSP 3004 device with a video tutorial and now as you know the installation process, it’s time to find, download PSP themes for your PSP 3004 device.

Note that these are free PSP themes that I found on the web and uploaded to my server, these themes that can be downloaded instantly and works with PSP 3000, PSP 3004 device. The extension of these PSP themes is .PTF and you should be able to install them easily. It doesn’t matter if you’ve modded your PSP or not, these themes should work for every PSP device.

Download PSP themes for PSP 3004, PSP 3000

All the themes listed below are some of the popular themes on PSP for Sony PSP. Click on the ‘Download’ link to download the theme on your hard disk and later on transfer to the PSP THEME folder, and activate from the psp settings.

Vista PSP theme – Download Windows Vista Theme PSP – Download

_Vista Playstation_ psp_theme Vista_psp_theme_3004

Disk drive PSP theme – Download Windows XP PSP theme – Download

psp_theme_disk-drive Windows XP_psp_theme

Apple Theme for PSP – Download Halo 3 PSP theme – Download

Apple_psp_theme_3004 Halo_3_psp_theme

I’ve tested all the themes on my PSP 3004, they work perfectly fine. Windows XP, Apple theme for PSP were really awesome for navigation. I’ll update the post as I come across other free psp themes! Till then, enjoy this list 😉



  • zayco12

    can you download more themes pls!!!!???….and somebody tell me where to find more psp thmes PFT files only!!! tnx!!

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    these are less….get sum variety…bored wth old ones

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    Downloaded the Apple one.. its cool. thanks

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    How do themes work…………… do they work……my psp is not able too look stylish.

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    d best themes i have ever seen
    u have done a gr8 job!!!!!

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  • lucky

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  • tony

    cool the y r working and guys if u want the theme to work u have to go to setting and go down to theme setting and press x and and go down when u see th theme press x and press x to apply then u will get theme i try it trust me

  • malouka2222

    those are really cooooooooool themes

  • Pugiman

    how to get the theams on the PsP ??

    • Rockstarsid

      Hi.. I already wrote about installing themes on PSP here .. if u are talking abt getting new themes then let me know :)

    • malouka2222

      download them easy

  • Master Bullshitt

    Can you upload new themws??????????????????????

    Master BULLSHITT

    • Rockstarsid

      Which type of themes are you looking for :) ??

  • carte micro sd

    I have PSP 3000 and I would like to use one of these themes. Thanks for sharing such nice collection here. I like this site and will bookmark it for further use.