Features, Specifications of iPhone 4G/HD

Rumors and confirmations of the upcoming iPhone 4G are making their move on the internet. They’re definitely buzzing! And people are in search for exploring the possibilities of what the next iPhone has in store for them!

Some part of the Apple has been shaken by the pictures and videos of iPhone 4G leak, the sources are most probably real! What about the specifications of iPhone HD? And what are the new iPhone HD features? Would the next iPhone meet consumer’s demand?

Lots of questions are on our minds. All of them are to be answered during the WWDC event, for sure. However, the specifications of the next iPhone, although not official, has been presented by Gizmodo, again.

Details, Features and Specifications of Apple iPhone 4g/iPhone HD

  • iPhone 4G weighs 140 grams
  • Sleek, flat design
  • Larger battery size
  • Shiny glass/plastic back
  • Higher resolution; therefore the name iPhone HD
  • Battery energy: 5.25 WHr
  • Surrounded with the aluminum border
  • Easy Video chatting thanks to the front end camera
  • Camera Flash support
  • Additional MIC next to the headphone jack
  • Use of Micro Sim
  • Expected resolution to be 960×640
  • Better battery life
  • Metallic buttons for the power, cute and volume control

Obviously, the pricing of iPhone 4G aren’t out. But they are supposed to be reasonable (Aren’t apple products affordable? icon biggrin Features, Specifications of iPhone 4G/HD ) and it’d be interesting to see if Apple can come up with extra large storage space!

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