Apps for reading lovers

Apps for reading lovers

We list the apps for reading lovers, there are mobile applications that are free and designed for fans of a book.

Must-have mobile apps for book lovers

Mobile devices are a really useful tool for lovers of reading. Thanks to an extensive list of mobile applications , these people can from keeping track of their personal libraries of paper books to reading e-books.

Reading is a hobby, pastime, taste and entertainment that never goes out of style. And in digital times like the ones we live in, even though the formats have changed a bit, there is still room for reading.

There are even many apps designed for all book lovers.

This time we will recommend five applications that can complement your taste for reading.


This application has a large community of users. It allows you to keep a record of the books you have read and receive recommendations based on them. It has a voting and review system, which can be shared with the community. It is the Filmaffinity of literature.


Bookari allows you to read both EPUB and PDF files. Bookari allows you to annotate and underline, which comes in handy when you are using it for studying. The lyrics are modifiable (only in EPUB files, yes) and the background, in addition to having a night mode, can be customized.


This application makes thousands of books available to the user. It has two versions: one free and one premium. The premium offers more than 200,000 books for nine euros per month. In addition, it offers functions for writing reviews, evaluating works, etc.


Similar to 24symbols but with certain differences in terms of quantity. The first, the number of books, which is around 850,000 in various languages. The second, the price. Although the standard version costs 8 euros per month, there are two more rates of 11 and 17 euros, which allow access to the full catalog in all languages ​​and to the audiobooks respectively.

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Kindle Unlimited

The app that comes from the mythical Amazon electronic book. Over 700,000 subscription books on up to six devices. They do not have to be Kindle, since it can also be used on mobile, computer and tablet.

Apps for reading lovers

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