A Short Video Preview of iPhone HD/4G Phone From Gizmodo

We’ve seen some real leaked pictures of iPhone HD/4G and also had a write-up on the upcoming iPhone features we expect from Apple iPhone 4G. Surprisingly these pictures were completely real.

The proof of existence of the Apple iPhone HD was confirmed through Gizmodo, a gadget blog, eliminating the misconceptions and spiking up the curiosity by posting a short video of iPhone 4G.

So, without further ado, Let’s check out these short video’s of real iPhone HD (iPhone 4G)

The story of Gizmodo getting their hands on iPhone is quite interesting; John Gruber, connected with Apple Inc, has confirmed that one of the upcoming iPhone unit was lost. And as they have posted this video, it could well be the real iPhone from Apple that is to be announced in June.

Interestingly, the phone has a front end camera and the most wanting feature: Flash support. Other improvements such as better regular camera, battery life and improved display are included.

What are we waiting for? The specifications of next iPhone are out, and the device is almost confirmed to be the next Apple iPhone product. The only thing that we are waiting for is the naming; iPhone 4G or iPhone HD. :) And, of course for Apple to turn the tables and bring in a new device altogether :P Wish that could happen!

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