Access HTML5 Grooveshark On Your Smartphone

Grooveshark, one of the popular free music service, seems to have made its way back to Apple devices, Android smartphones, BlackBerry’s PlayBook and HP’s Touchpad tablet through its HTML5 web app.

With HTML5 Grooveshark, any smartphone users can access and play songs right off the bat. The HTML5 web app is basic, but it surely works. And now, there’s nothing Apple can do to remove this popular music service, as this HTML5 web app is actually a URL hosted by Grooveshark.

You can search for new songs, switch to different stations and scroll through popular songs of the week.


To access Grooveshark, visit this URL from your smartphone browser:

Previously, the Grooveshark app was removed from the Apple Store, eventually forcing the company to release an app on jailbroken devices. Now, they have gone full HTML5, and abandoned Flash of course.

Not every smartphone device can stream music using the HTML5 Grooveshark web app. At this point of time, WP7 users are out of luck, but the rest of the players including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android OS phones, etc. can invariably enjoy listening to their favorite songs.

It’s good to know that Grooveshark has found a way to circumvent the curated nature of Apple’s App Store. But can anyone confirm if it is mandatory to pay $9 per month to play unlimited songs on this HTML5 web app?

Also, let us know what you think of this new HTML5 web app — like it or hate it?

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