Apple iPhone 4 in White Available Under Contract in UK

Yes, if you remember, Apple did have a white iPhone 4 under its wing. However, for reasons unknown, the device didn’t make it to the Apple store. There is hope now, as the white iPhone 4 will be officially available.

According to the research, rumors, and a healthy dose of speculations from Apple aficionados, the long-awaited white iPhone 4 will be available by the end of this week.

While no exact date has been planted yet, but according to UK Mobile service provider, 3, the white iPhone 4 will be available at the earliest, precisely on April 20th — which is tomorrow. According to another Italian website, iPhoneitalia, the white iPhone 4 will be available on April 26th. Although both the sources are said to be “reliable,” but really, after waiting so long, April 26 isn’t too long a wait.


Also, people in the UK can actually purchase the white iPhone from 3, as long as they are willing to pay an upfront cost of £160, under a £35 monthly contract.

All kinds of rumors about the launch of white iPhone 4 are fanned; so, for now, committing to a specific launch date would be meaningless. It is certain that the white iPhone 4 will be available this spring worldwide, but the real question remains unanswered: Will you shell out your money for the white iPhone 4, or wait for the release of iPhone 5?

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