Download Press Releases of Apple’s October 2012 Event [iPad mini Event]

The rumors and predictions about the new iPad mini were true, but for now, you may want to forget everything you learned from those posts. Because we have more information — more accurate information coming straight out of Apple’s valuable media room.

Read the Press Release

Apple has officially announced a new iPad Mini, iMac, 13-inch Retina MacBook, and an iPad 4 at the iPad mini event held on October 23rd. After announcing a new product, Apple — like every other company out there — publishes a Press Release.

These press releases are a fantastic way to reach bloggers and journalists alike. Even as a reader you can download and read these files to learn more about the product. Note that press releases are always decorated with glorified information to impress the audience — well, that’s obvious, isn’t it?

That said, I have compiled press releases of Apple’s iPad mini, new iMac, and the retina MacBook Pro into PDF files. Go ahead and download them:

High-quality Photos: iPad Mini, MacBook Pro, iMac

iPad mini:

Press Release & more high-quality photos of iPad Mini

Retina MacBook Pro:

Press Release & more high-quality photos of MacBook Pro


Press Release & more high-quality photos of iMac

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