Free iPod Touch Battery Extender Apps: Do they Really increase the Battery Life?

Smart gadgets and portable entertainment devices such as the iPod Touch have major presence in our lives. You will agree, that the iPod is a gadget you use all the time, whether it is for viewing videos, listening to music or playing games.

But the constant use drains the battery and forces you to recharge the device frequently. But if the iPod Touch needs to be docked to a charger most of the times, the very idea of portability is beaten. This brings us to battery extender apps.

You may have heard about certain apps being able to increase the battery life of portable devices such as the iPod touch (including iPod Touch 2G, 3G and iPod Touch 4G). Some these apps are even sold on the internet while others are free.

So, do these iPod touch battery extender apps actually work?


The answer is no. These ‘battery extender apps’ are nothing but external power management tools. You can turn off Low Battery warning messages, but that isn’t going to increase your iPod’s battery. Some apps out there, available for jailbroken iPhones and on App Store, employ some simple power management tactics to apparently ‘increase’ the battery life of the iPod Touch. In truth they are just tweaking the setting here and there to conserve battery power.

Sure, there are ways to improve battery life of Apple devices, but instead of wasting your time over these free apps, you will be better off learning various tricks to minimize the consumption of battery on your iPod Touch. Just imagine this: how can an external app help conserve the battery power of your device when it will be using the same battery to run? Hopefully you get the point.

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Tips to improve iPod Touch Battery

Remember there’s no easy way to check battery status on your iPod Touch. Moving on from the myth of free battery extender apps for iPod touch and iPhone, here is a list of smart techniques to make your iPod Touch last longer than usual, in case you are fed up of charging it again and again:

  • Keep the device in sleep mode when not in use for a while. Frequently booting the device actually eats up more battery.
  • Turn sound effects and equalizer off from the sound settings.
  • Set up auto lock or auto-sleep to reduce battery wastage when not using the iPod Touch.
  • Buy an additional replacement battery for your iPod from Apple.
  • The brightness can also be minimized unless you are watching a movie or playing a game. Wi-Fi should be turned off.

While these tips are just some of the important things you can do to conserve the battery, you can get physical battery extenders such as the Mophie Juice Pack. This is basically an extra set of batteries for the device and can run the device if you are traveling and the regular batteries are out of charge. Hope this helps in solving your battery problems for good!