Why there’s No iPod Battery Status or Battery Percentage on iPod Touch

The main problem with most portable devices is with the battery. Particularly devices such as the iPod Touch, which can be used for a host of activities, usually consume battery power quite quickly and you face the need to charge up the device frequently.

So, it is very important that the device shows you the battery status, in terms of time left as well of as the percentage of battery charge left. But unfortunately the iPod Touch does neither.

If you are wondering why, you may be chasing ghosts actually. The fact of the matter is that Apple had its own reasons for not putting a conspicuous battery status indicator (full screen) and they chose not to reveal those reasons.

However, the best guess is that such an indicator would further drain battery power, because it would always run in the background. For a device, whose battery is already heavily taxed with various apps and actions, this would certainly not be useful.

Therefore, instead of trying to find a reason as to why the iPod Touch lacks proper battery status indicators, you should try to solve the problem.

The easy way out is to download 3rd party apps which display complete details about the battery, which can help you put the device on charge before it shuts down due to lack of power.

One such app is named ‘SBSettings’ and can be downloaded from Cydia, if you have a jailbroken device. After installing the app go to ‘system options’ and turn the ‘numeric battery’ option on. The battery level percentage should be displayed next to the green-colored battery icon, if you do this.

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However, you should take note of the fact that many users have reported greater battery drainage after installing SBSettings. As mentioned earlier, any app which runs perpetually will cause loss of battery power.

In case you do have a jailbroken iPod or don’t want to jailbreak it either, you can try apps such as Battery Magic Elite or Battery Status from the App Store. But then again it is commonly accepted that battery percentage meters are never accurate and all you get is a rough estimate of how much battery is left at the current rate of usage. As soon as you start up more/different apps, this can change.