Fruit Ninja Cheats and Tips to Score High Points

Every iPhone user has at least one favorite game that keeps them busy during their time off. And the game that I am currently in tune with is Fruit Ninja — come Fruit Ninja and my love for Angry birds faded out. Instantly.

Really, slicing fruits was never so fun!

Fruit Ninja game is such a huge hit for one reason: it is a short game. You don’t have to finish level after level; instead, 60 second is all that is required to enjoy the game.

Fruit Ninja Cheats and Tips

Now I know there are a lot of Fruit Ninja experts out there who have fabulous ranking in the Game Center. How do they do it? That I don’t know, but with hard work and cheats, we could at least try to catch up with those toppers.

If you have given up the chase, or if you are not able to cross the 400-500 points range in Arcade mode, then here are some useful tips and cheats for scoring higher points.

Cheat 1: Press the volume button to slow down the fruits

Apparently, this only works with iPhone 4. All you have to do while playing the game is to press the volume button, this will slow down the gameplay. Take advantage of this by scoring fruit combos.

Cheat 2: Play upside down

Yes, that’s right. To score higher points in Fruit Ninja, you can play it from the other end. The explanation behind this idea is to avoid hitting the bombs — and grab all the bananas effectively. It was difficult to play the game upside down, but looks like this dude really knows what he is talking about. Check out the video:

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So far, I have scored 765 points in Arcade mode. How about you? Oh, and don’t forget to add me — Sidbhai is my Game Center ID.