3 Solid Ways to Permanently Hide Newsstand icon from iOS 6 / iOS 5 Devices

By adding Newsstand in its collection of stock apps, Apple considers Newsstand as a must-have or an essential app, but iOS users certainly haven’t embraced the app with open arms. Some of us believe the Newsstand app is pretty much useless on your iOS devices.

Every new iOS device running iOS 5 or iOS 6 will have Newsstand app installed by default, which means you cannot remove, hide or delete the app. We have a couple of solution though, and if you are willing to work up a little sweat and devote your time, then you can certainly get rid of Newsstand icon forever!

How to Remove Newsstand App

Solution 1: Use StifleStand [No Jailbreak Required]

StifleStand is a completely free, and made-for-Newsstand app that works both on Windows and Mac OS. Go ahead and download the app from here. Once downloaded and installed, the next step is to connect your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to the computer, and then launch StifleStand.

The software will detect your iOS device, and display a “Hide Newsstand” button. Hit this button to permanently hide Newsstand icon. The Newsstand app will be available in a newly created folder called “Magic.”

Stiflestand is a Newsstand removing app

You can also put other apps in this folder and rename it, if that’s what you like to do.

Note: StifleStand app works just fine on iPhone 4S running iOS 6 (and iOS 5.1). I have heard complaints that iPhone 5 users not able to make the program work, but I cannot confirm this. If you have tried hiding Newsstand on iPhone 5 using StifleStand, please let us know if it was worth your time.

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Solution 2: Use Online Tool [No Jailbreak Required]

Rag3Hack is a free tool built especially for iOS users. Go to the site (click here) from your iOS device and select the app you want to hide — you can hide anything from NewsStand to Reminders, Calendars and much more. Assuming you have selected “Hide Newsstand,“ you will be asked to install a certificate. An error message will be shown and a dialog box pops up. Hit “Done” and go back to homescreen.

Now you can hide Newsstand app from your homescreen by pressing the Newsstand icon. Unlike Stiflestand, this one doesn’t hide the app in a folder. So how can you get back the app? Simply reboot your iOS device.

Solution 3: Use “No News is Good News” app [Jailbreak Required]

I have already reviewed NoNewsisGoodNews before. This free Cydia app removes Newsstand app from your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. All you have to do is download this app from the Cydia store, and well, that’s about it — there’s no need to configure anything as the app will remove Newsstand automatically.

Deleting Newsstand app from iOS 6 and iOS 5

You can get back Newsstand by deleting the app, but I don’t think you want to do that anytime soon.

Have you removed Newsstand app from your iPhone 5/4S/4? Are there any other ways to hide Newsstand icon from an iPad or iPod? Do share your story with us through the comments section below.