iPhone 5 news: How to Follow Apple iPhone 5 Event

Yeah, it’s your time, boys. Apple Fanboys. Excited? You know, today Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will be announcing the next-generation iPhone. The revolutionary iPhone 5. Yeah, exciting?

After all the rumorsleaksrelease date assumption, and whatnot, the iPhone naming still holds uncertainty. iPhone 4S, cool. iPhone 5, better! Really, the name hardly counts.

But these technology sites seem to care too much for these numbers. Let’s keep the Applegasm down for a while, eh? But seriously, this is what I envision will happen:

October 4th, 2011 – Apple announcing iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

October 5th, 2011 – Next-generation iPhone is in the works. Is it iPhone 6? iPhone 5? iPhone 4SS? iPhone 4tripleS… iPhone XXX… icon neutral iPhone 5 news: How to Follow Apple iPhone 5 Event

Anyway, the iPhone 5 event is around the corner. So let’s talk about the event, and where to find the live updates as and when it happens in the iPhone 5 conference today.

iPhone 5 Event Online

Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone event will begin in less than 4 hours from now, so I thought it’d be useful to write this post detailing out the links to watch the Apple’s event online.


The best way to get yourself soaked in the stories of today’s Apple event is to check out blogs — live blogs — which are listed in this article.

Can I watch the iPhone 5 event live?

The folks at Apple have decided to choke off the live video streaming idea. So, I’m afraid, you can’t watch the iPhone 5 event online. There’s no live streaming links where you could watch, or at least listen, the buzz engulfing the iPhone 5 event.

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Nonetheless, there will be a massive influx of news across blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The best way to keep yourself updated is to follow blogs covering the event live. Devote an hour for the event, have around two blogs opened in your browser, and you’ll have all the stories covered.

Follow Apple iPhone 5 Event With Live Blogs

The event kicks off at 10 A.M in San Francisco time. If you are in the UK, you can watch the event live at 6 P.M; South Africa, 7 P.M; India, 10:30 P.M.



Now you know the time, keep an eye on these live blogs. You can also bookmark this post.

  1. Live.gdgt.com
  2. Macrumorslive.com
  3. Live.gizmodo.com
  4. Twit.tv
  5. This is my Next
  6. Engadget Live

The event is held in Apple’s own headquarter at Cupertino, California. But you can follow the live blogs mentioned above to get updates before everyone else around you does, right from the comfort of your home or office.

Apple’s event has the convivial technology world on the edge, and the consumers excitement has doubled because the launch of iPhone 5 is already behind its schedule timeline, leaving us with a tickling feeling that something powerful was in the works all this month.

Can Apple cook the best smartphone in the world? Can iPhone 5 blow other smartphones out of the water? Let’s follow the event.