How to Hide or Remove Apple Maps on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Without Jailbreaking

Apple Maps on iOS 6 has done more harm than good for iOS users — ask these motorists in Australia if you don’t believe us. If that sounds like a solid reason to not use Apple Maps, then you may as well consider removing the application altogether. Although there’s no way to remove Apple Maps icon permanently, but we have a temporary solution that works. You can hide any stock apps — including Newsstand — using this simple technique.

Rag3Hack, now known as Cydia Hacks, is a free online tool to customize your iPhone, iPad or iPad Touch. We will use this tool to delete Apple Maps icon.

To get started, visit the Cydia Hacks website and hide the stock app — Apple Maps, in our case. After hitting the “Hide Maps“ link, you will be asked to install a certificate. If an error message appears and a dialog box pops up, then it’s a sign that you have successfully completed the process. Hit “Done” and go back to the homescreen.

Apple Maps icon isn’t removed yet. You have to press the Apple Maps icon to get rid of it. Once it’s hidden, you can retrieve the app back anytime by restarting your iOS devices. Even an unintentional restart will bring Apple Maps back on the screen.


After Apple removed Google Maps permanently from iOS 6, and irresponsibly replacing it with their own Apple Maps, users were frustrated and their demand for a new Google Maps native app intensified. Google promised and finally delivered the iOS version this week — the official Google Maps app is available in the App Store, in case you haven’t downloaded it yet.

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If you are going to use Google Maps as your default mapping application, Apple Maps on your iOS 6 is redundant anyway — so why not hide it?

It’s possible to hide almost all of the iOS stock apps using Cydia Hacks. In addition to that, there’s no need to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device to use the tool. Any Apple devices, on any firmware, can use Cydia Hacks to tweak their iOS devices.

Have you already removed Apple Maps from your iOS devices? Share your thoughts through the comment section below!