Jorno Mobile Keyboard: New Pocket Sized Keyboard for Apple Devices

The release of iOS4 has made it possible for most Apple mobile devices to support Bluetooth keyboards. So, it was only a matter of time before keyboards are sold separately for the powerful iPad and other devices. The Jorno mobile keyboard is one of the early birds in this regard!

This mobile keyboard has Bluetooth connectivity and this makes it compatible with all of the latest Apple devices running iOS4. Many other devices which can accommodate a Bluetooth keyboard can also be included in this list, but most definitely this gadget focuses on getting Apple users as the customers.


Bluetooth keyboards suffer from one problem- the keys are usually quite small and so, you cannot get the feel of typing on a conventional keyboard. And given that you use an external keyboard, to increase the ease and speed of typing, the actual purpose is defeated thus. But thankfully, the Jorno keyboard solves this problem with keys which are just 15% smaller than those on a conventional keyboard.

So, you can type away as usual, while the keyboard takes up much less space than a normal keyboard would. But that’s not all! The Jorno mobile keyboard is designed in such a manner that you can fold it up and put it in your pocket or handbag, while you are on the go. It also has a detachable cradle which holds the device you are using the keyboard with securely, in both portrait and landscape mode.

If you have been planning to buy Apple’s iPad Keyboard Dock or similar products, the Jorno keyboard may be a better alternative. It is available on pre-sale right now, for $79. After October 31, the price will shoot up to $99, so an early booking may save you some money, particularly if you are taken in by the features of this smart new keyboard.

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