Logic Pro 9 Crashes on Mac OS X — Expect a Fix Soon

Some of the users have lashed out Apple for a variety of reasons, one of which is related to Logic Pro 9. This professional audio program lags, freezes and crashes unexpectedly on Macs, but there’s a good news. We may soon be able to use Logic Pro 9 without any issues, says an Apple user.

According to Fredo, who was able to connect to Logic Pro’s Senior Line manager, the lag issue, infrequent crashes and unresponsive of the program is related to Mountain Lion’s Core Audio. He further adds that the issue has been since Lion 10.7, albeit it wasn’t visible until users upgraded to Mountain Lion 10.8.

Fredo puts across a reassuring response on this Apple thread:

The lag problem is due to a Mountain Lion Core Audio issue.  The Logic engineering team tried to see if they could fix it just with a Logic Pro update (9.1.8) but unfortunately it did not.

The Logic Pro lag issue is not found universally on all systems.  It is not that kind of easy to reproduce problem.  Even on my system, some days I have NO problems, others the same piece will be riddled with problems.  This poses a problem for the Logic Pro team to convince the Mountain Lion team to prioritize fixing it.

Again, I have been assured of two things:

1) they are absolutely committed to fixing it, but it will take patience on our behalf. And yes, I know this problem has been around for even longer than you mentioned.  It’s been around since Lion.  A solution in Mountain Lion is in the works.

2) there is a very passionate team still very committed to developing Logic Pro.  The man I’ve been speaking with has been with the Logic team since BEFORE Apple bought it, and THAT is very encouraging!

3) There is much to look forward to in the way of new bells and whistles.  (But of course, they will be fixing Logic Pro first, for sure.)

Further down the thread, Fredo drops a good news and a bad news:

The final fix will be a Mountain Lion update, as it’s really due to the OS, not the [Logic Pro 9] App.  So that’s the good (if not GREAT) news.  The bad news is no estimate when to expect the fix.  But at least it’s being taken very seriously and a fix is well in the works!

Another member posted a video putting on display the unresponsiveness of Logic Pro on Mountain Lion. At about 5 minutes into the video, you will notice Logic Pro slows down and shows sign of sluggishness.

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Available at $199 in the Mac App Store, Logic Pro makes editing, remixing, recording audio easier, and it’s probably one of the best app made for musicians — wish Mountain Lion users could agree to that.

Are you facing similar issues on Logic Pro? Did you find a fix? Feel free to let us know through the comment section below!