Apple Will Not Only Sell But Also Manufacture Mac Minis in the USA

Digitimes reported that Apple is working on the next-gen iPhones & iPads — these gadgets will ship with IGZO display panels and smaller batteries. And the same source today claims that Apple is considering to move its Mac mini production to the US.

Not too long ago, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook announced that the entire Mac line will be manufactured in the United States. We predicted Mac Pro was a good candidate for US production, but it completely makes sense for Apple to target Mac mini. The rest of the Apple products like iMac, MacBook Pro will still be manufactured in China though.

Head starting with Mac mini in the USA is a smart move from the cupertino-based company. The Mac mini, unlike the rest of the Apple products, isn’t very popular, making it possible to create a balance between demand and supply. According to Digitimes, only 1.4 million Mac mini units were sold in 2012 — that’s an insignificant number compared to 18 million Macs sold.

The whole manufacturing process will be faster and easier as the Mac minis are small and doesn’t require a display.

Apple will not be churning out these Mac minis though. They have partnered with Foxconn Electronics, a chief manufacturer of Apple products for years. Foxconn already has about 15 operating bases in the US, and they should have no problems in manufacturing a colossal of Mac minis next year.

Although we cannot confirm the veracity of this story from Digitimes, but the clever move to start small will help Apple in the long run. It’d be fair to say that Apple is testing the waters with Mac minis. Is this the right move from the fruit company? We don’t know, but we know for sure that Apple junkies can get their products shipped faster if ever Apple decides to move its entire production line to the USA.

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