Test Drive the Classic Mac OS

The older PowerPC Macintosh computers are stone dead, but the cranky memories of the Mac remain with us forever. If you are craving to test drive Mac OS 7, then this is your chance to experience the revolutionary Operating System which today is no longer used.

If you ever wanted to know how it feels to use a decade old Mac OS, then dress yourself with the Apple outfit and get ready to dive into the world of Mac.


My Old Macintosh site pays homage to Apple’s classic Macintosh OS. You can test drive the simulation of Mac OS 7 and eWorld in Flash by visiting the website.

Needless to say, this web version of Mac comes with limitations and is less likely to assist you with your office work. So, launch the website, slide your keyboard back into the desk, hold the mouse swiftly, and bask in the glory of the Mac OS.


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