The Apple iPad Jailbroken Video

Here is some real good news for the Apple iPad aficionadas who are wondering about the jailbreak. Well, for now, a working jailbreak for iPad has been recently announced by a dev team.

MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev team, who has jailbroken almost all of the Apple products, tweeted on twitter about the existence of Apple ipad jailbreak along with the video that has been embedded below. The others who were included in this part of iPad jailbreaking operations were Chronic Dev Team, comex and chpwn.

It’s exciting to know that within 48 hours of the official iPad launch, they were able to jailbreak the iPad. Although, not completely jailbroken, but Musclenerd has definitely opened doors for its existence. Probably, we could expect an stable early release of jailbreaking ipad in a couple of months!

Here is the first apple iPad jailbreaking video (Spirit):

Apple will definitely patch the exploit in their next upgrade of firmware, but for now, jailbreaking is possible on the latest iPad device. You can also check out the video from Duncan where he talks about the Spirit jailbreaking.

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