Great Jailbreak Apps for a More Superb iPhone Experience

Some iPhone users who find that the stuffs from the App Store are not for them, there are other resources that are available from the internet. However should you choose to use these resources, make sure that you have a strong will and heart to jailbreak your iPhone.

We all have to admit the internet is a great resource for everything, legal and illegal, approved and otherwise. So basically all users are free to access every file and application they find suitable for their gadgets and devices.

Jailbreak Apps for iPhone

One resource is Cydia, an alternative to the App Store which contains applications that have not passed the Apple standards. Cydia was created by a hacker known as Jay Freeman, also known as saurik.

PDANet is an alternative to AT&T’s limitations and the fee of its services. Set the impromptu network on the PC, connect the iPhone via WiFi then start downloading using PDANet.

Five Icon Dock, although not an application in itself, is yet another useful jailbroken feature for the iPhone. It is a hack that can be found in Cydia, from where it can also be installed.

As the name sounds and seems, Five Icon Dock is very useful in extending the iPhone’s capacity. If you have the Five Icon Dock, you will not need to worry about Maps nor Safari disposal. This makes additional stuffs to fit in the device.

Netatalk allows the iPhone user to browse the file system in the iPhone straight from AppleTalk.

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MXTube is for watching videos from YouTube in offline mode.

Cycorder is for video recording using non 3Gs iPhones.

SBSettings is probably the most used of all jailbreak iPhone apps. With this application, you can simply swipe through the status bar at the screen top. Additionally, SBSettings is also customizable and its appearance can be changed through the Winterboard app and themes.

iBlacklist is useful for blocking calls. Either a caller be diverted to the voicemail or be sent a busy signal.

Swaptunes is for syncing two diverse iTunes Music.