Watch Free Movies on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad With Crackle

To fulfill your desire of watching full-length movies right on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, Apple store has myriad number of apps. However, as you may know, the best apps are often “paid apps,” and the rest of the free ones are not likely to feature worthy titles — mainly because of the fear of being sued due to the copyright infringement.

In the endless search of finding the best apps to watch movies and TV shows, Crackle, for now, is a solid app. Not only do you get to watch movies, but also watching TV series and Crackle original is possible with Crackle; everything is just a tap away with this new app.

Watch Movies With Crackle App

Crackle is a new app sprung up in the Apple store this week. The app comes from Sony Picture, which pretty much explains how the app is able to offer tonnes of movies and TV shows. Because of the iOS popularity, Crackly offers hundreds of movies and TV episodes for free, and on-demand. The only catch with this app is the inclusion of floating advertisement on every video — which is acceptable as long as the videos run smoothly.

And the best part is, crackle is absolutely free to download.

Crackles’ film catalogue offers around 200 titles including Ghostbusters, The Da Vinci Code, The Karate Kid and so on. You can also watch TV shows that feature a variety of genre ranging from cartoon to comedy shows.

Download Crackle. All the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models with the latest firmware should be able to run Crackle.

Also, note that the Android Crackle app requires a $4.99 subscription to unlock premium content. Although I haven’t used the Android version of Crackle yet, but, for now, iOS version is free from any form of subscription fee.

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