Rhonda Worthey firmer wife of Troy Aikman

Rhonda Worthey

Who’s Rhonda Worthey: Every day, we read about celebrities divorcing their spouses. The well-known and popular NFL player is no exception to this rule.

Rhonda Worthey:

Rhonda Worthey is a public figure and TV actress from the USA. However, she is mostly popular in USA, as the former partner of Troy Aikman.

Despite having been married for many years, Rhonda and Troy were not able to keep their marriage together, which led to their divorce.

Troy Aikman is largely responsible for Worthey’s popularity. She rose to prominence after marrying him. Both were in profound love with each other, which is why they married.

Ashley Aikman and  Alexa were their two lovely and wonderful daughters. Due to unexpected circumstances and sudden events, they made a decision to call their marriage quits. In 2011, the court recognized the problem between them and granted them separation. Rhonda moved on and concentrated on her work while her former husband remarried.

Love Story of Rhonda and Her former Husband Troy Aikman:

Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman initially encountered each other while engaging in Dallas Cowboys. They adored beauty of each other and were smitten by each other’s presence. Rhonda and Troy tied a knot on 8th April, 2000, after only 18 months of meeting each other. Their wedding destination was Plano, Texas. They established themselves in Dallas. They lived happily ever after for the coming ten years. Ashley Aikman was born on August 24, 2001, and Alexa Marie Aikman was born on July 30, 2002.

Rhonda Worthey also had a daughter from her former marriage. She had not, however, revealed much about her previous life. Rhonda and Troy’s marriage, sadly, did not last. After nearly eleven years of wedding, the former couple filed for separation on 24th January, 2011. On April 12, 2011, their divorce was officially completed.

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Separation or Divorce is never an easy option, but when a tie-up is failing, the only alternative is to end it. Both, Rhonda Worthey and Troy have custodianship of their children following their divorce. Troy is currently involved in another love affair and relationship, whereas Rhonda Worthy is single for now.

Cause of separation between Troy and Rhonda Worthey:

Rhonda worthy received 1.75 million dollars, form Tory Aikman after getting separated. The exact reason of Troy Aikman and Rhonda Worthey’s split is unknown. Both of them publicly declared their separation but didn’t specify the reason for their separation.

As they were granted equal custody of their daughters, the pair just stated that they would remain deeply committed to their children. They decided it was best for them to part ways because their happy life had come crashing down for reasons only the two knew about.

Net worth of Rhonda Worthey:

She earns a good living as a splendid publicist. In terms of net worth, she is estimated roughly as $10 million in 2022.

Her ex-husband, on the other hand, has a total wealth of $60 million and an income of more than $8 million per year.

Professional life of Rhonda Worthey:

Rhonda has had a wonderful career. She began her career in 1992 as an executive assistant for the Dallas Cowboys, where she remained until 1997.

Later, in 1997, she worked as the Dallas Cowboys’ Executive Assistant, Community Relations Manager, and Public Relations Assistant. She held the role until 1999, when she retired. Despite her successful acting she is mainly popular Troy Aikman’s ex-wife.

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Reason of Rhonda Worthey’s Arrest:

Rhonda was arrested for intoxicant activities in public in 2012, just a year after her separation. According to accounts, she was detained on the 27th of August 2012 while chaotically loitering in the parking area of a high school in Texas. TMZ reported that, police officers found two bottles of water filled with a liquid that smelled like booze at the scene, as seen in the video. She also tried to get out of it by mentioning her former husband’s name.

This event badly impacted her opportunities in industry. Reality TV speculated in March of 2012 that Rhonda Worthey might appear on Real Housewives of Dallas. The episode was repeatedly postponed until it finally broadcast in 2016. Rhonda was nowhere to be seen, which was a huge disappointment.

Rhonda’s life after separation with Troy:

After her separation from Troy, Rhonda never tied a knot again. She is single as of 2022, according to her Facebook profile. She doesn’t appear to be planning on getting into another relationship anytime soon. Instead, she is having fun with her daughters, and she frequently posts pictures of them on Facebook. She currently has her living  in Dallas, Texas. Her ex-husband, on the other hand, has been married twice. Following his divorce from Worthey, Troy began dating fashion retailer Catherine Mooty. The couple is happily married at the moment.

Career of Rhonda Worthey’s former husband:

Troy Aikman played his whole twelve year professional life for the Texas Cowboys. He got selected first overall in the 1989 NFL. He was a wonderful and outstanding player.

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Similarly, after retiring from football profession, he was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame as well as the College Football Hall of Fame. He went on to work as a sportscaster for the Fox Network.

In addition, he co-owned the Hall of Fame Racing team with a friend and former Cowboys quarterback, Roger Staubach. He was also a San Diego Padres fan. Rhonda Worthey appears preoccupied with her children and her job. There’s no evidence that she’s dated other men since her divorce, but she’s stayed focused on her girls and her job. She is still attractive at 50 and does not appear to be looking for another relationship.