Facts about Diana Lovejoy Imprisonment

diana Lovejoy

Diana Lovejoy, is a Freelance writer a senior technical writer and professional trainer.  She is spending in prison for conspiring to assassinate her former husband Greg Mulvhill. In 2007, Diana and Mulvihil chose to marry in a secret formal function. For the first time, they met on a dating website.

Everything seemed good and fine until Diana couldn’t have a child and had eight abortions. They then gave birth to their first child. But, the      distruction had inevitablely happened, and their partnership was in shambles. They agreed  to terminate their partnership in 2k14, and the relationship ended after a 2-year legal dispute. Initially, she had full custody of her son and Greg was able to visit her under supervision for a few hours. She also claimed that he sexually assaulted her and her son. However, an inquest disproved their claims and they were soon granted joint custody.

Who’s Diana Lovejoy?

Diana Lovejoy is an American, born in 1972 in the United States of America. Presently she is fifty years old. As of 2022, there really isn’t a plethora of info regarding her parents’ names or occupations. Although Diana is of white descent, she is an American citizen who’s also a devout Christian.

Academic background of Diana Lovejoy :

She received her academic training at a grammar school in her hometown. Diana also went to college for her post-secondary education.

Diana Lovejoy’s profession:

Diana’s previous occupation was in reality that of a gym coordinator who usually accustomed to post videos on the internet. She also engaged in a variety of endurance events. Her Videos on You tube mostly showed how to make an easy and nutritious meal at home with a variety of substances. She had become woman who tried to assassinate her own son’s father after being held liable.

Diana’s Attempt to Assassinate Greg:

As Greg and Diana’s marriage had not gone as planned, which is what every couple believes at the start of any relationship. Diana began practicing with weapons during the phase of her divorce. Weldon McDavid, his gun trainer, was one of the people she encountered during that time. Diana was only Weldon’s client at first, and the connection was strictly professional, but she kept telling him she was having domestic problems. She confessed her fear of Greg and requested that he setup a camera system in her residence.

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He concurred. 

At one time Greg was walking down the dirt road to Avenida Soledade with his friend Jason.  McDavid made an aim and shot him. Fortunately, Greg was unharmed by McDavid’s gunshot because the bullet could not penetrate Greg’s heart from the upper torso.

Even before Greg had been brought to the hospital, Jason informed the police of that incident. He told them that they were walking down the street at 11 p.m. when the gunshot incident occurred.

Diana collaborated with McDavid to commit the crime, according to the investigation.

It was disclosed that she paid McDavid $2,000 to commit the criminal act. She, for her part, denied being part of the plot, stating that she could never harm the father of her child. Other evidence suggested he even asked his aunt who could be responsible for assassinating Greg.

Weldon admitted to this at the trail the said evening, but said he had been there to support Diana receive sole control of their kid and really had no desire to shoot Greg. He said he encountered Diana in 2015 while collaborating as a shooting trainer at a gun club. She informed him that Greg used drugs and even had a gun. He had indeed sexually assaulted her and was victimizing their son, she assured him. As according Weldon, Diana attempted to rely on the support of the police, but they were non – responsive and sluggish.

Weldon said they began devising a strategy in June or July 2016 to establish facts that would ensure Diana received full custodial rights of their son.

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Weldon contended that they came up with a strategy that included  trying to lure Greg to a pre-planned place so that he might secretly film Greg trying to take the papers, and afterwards establishing up one  more meeting in which he would grant him a blank flash drive supposedly comprising more proof of child maltreatment so that he could attempt to capture him out.

There was no proof in Diana’s protection. She wished the jury will indeed arrived at the conclusion that the trial had ended in failure to show sufficient evidence to convict her. But court didn’t come to that conclusion.

Both were charged and convicted of meticulously planned assault and murder conspiracy by the judge.

Diana Lovejoy Imprisonment:

She was given a 26-year sentence, while he was given a 50-year sentence. She passed out in court after hearing this. Judge Sim von Kalinowski dispersed the courtroom to allow her to seek medical attention. Both of them were also ordered to pay Greg half a million dollars in punitive damages. She has been in the Women’s Prison in Chowchilla since February 2018 and will be eligible for parole in 2036.

As per the inquiry, Diana and her sweetheart Weldon McDavid intended to shoot and kill Greg. She tried murder of her former spoose because she refuses to give up custodial rights of her kid or compensate Greg 120,000 dollars.
One of the family members of Diana, her aunt appeared in court and said that this girl had asked for somebody to frighten or finish Greg. One of the most convincing  arguments against Diana and McDavid was this one.

Diana’s current situation:

When Diana Lovejoy made the decision to assassinate her only child’s father; she was at the pinnacle of her YouTube career. Unfortunately, the American justice system has tangled up her, and she is paying a steep price for her offence.

Her story should serve as a warning to anyone considering committing such a crime in the future.

Diana’s Net assets:

Diana Lovejoy’s actual net worth is unconfirmed because she is nowadays incarcerated. Her salary is sufficient thanks to her job as a fitness guru and Vlogger. Her overall amount of net worth is to be around $500 million in 2022.