Identify Fake Torrent Files

Have you downloaded fake torrents?

Old and new movies, which may not be available on DVDs or CDs, can be found on torrent sites. Out of the hundreds of torrent websites, some are genuine and others not so much. So how can you download genuine files and avoid fake ones?


Downloading fake torrent files can do more harm than good for your computer. Sometimes scammers create fake files and name them as “The Dark Knight Rises BRrip.avi” or “The Avengers DVDrip.mkv” and so on, luring us to download them.

Fraudulent uploaders also embed malware programs into torrent. For every download they receive, companies pay them a couple of dollars, but the sad part is, your computer will ultimately be a victim of malwares.

Tips to Spot Fake Torrents

You can spot fake torrents by following few simple tips that are given below.

1. Download Torrents from trusted uploaders.

If you are downloading any torrent files, from any torrent site — be it private or public tracker — you may want to follow genuine torrent uploaders.

2. Check ratings and comments

Read comments before downloading torrents. This will tell you a lot — whether the movie is of good quality, audio is in sync, or if any video part is missing. Big torrent sites have a report system, wherein a torrent is fake, users can instantly report them to the mods.

3. Use Trusted Torrent sites

It’s always better to download torrents from trusted torrent sites. Private torrent sites that require invitation code, like Demonoid, have virus-free torrents, and rarely do such sites have fake uploads. If you are grabbing movie torrents from sites like ThePirateBay, make sure to read the comments or look up uploader’s history before downloading.

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4. Look at the Torrent Movie Content

Check the content of the file before downloading. Use your favorite torrent client to see if the torrent file is of proper size. If you are downloading a quality movie, you know the size of the file cannot be less than 100MB.

5. Good seeds equals good movie

Go with torrents that have many seeders. Any uploaded torrent that is genuine will always have plenty of seeders.

6. Cross verify date of movie and torrent

If the torrent file has been uploaded before the movie release, you sure know it’s a fake copy. Take your time to make sure the file is genuine by reading comments, looking at the number of seeders, etc.

7. Do not download .rar movie files

Gone are the days when uploaders used to .rar or .zip files on torrent. Torrent sites are aware of the sleazy tricks spammers come up with and block such files, but it is always better to avoid compressed torrent files.