Microsoft translator on Msn Windows live web messenger

The live search blog has released a Microsoft free translator service which will increase the bond inbetween people as different language will get translated into your own understandable language.This feature can be integrated in web messenger such as the popular MSN windows live messenger or you can also download and use portable msn windows messenger for this easy translating feature.

Extra – Multi language online chat client

Translation on Msn messenger web client


Just open your Msn windows chat client and add to your contact list,now you can seen the mtbot online.Invite your friend in this chat or you can also have one on one translation with the mtbot by using translation commands such as TBot lang,TBot change or TBot.

Here are the list of translation currently supported by Microsoft translator :

  • English to/from Arabic
  • English to/fromChinese Simplified
  • English to/from Chinese Traditional
  • English to/from Dutch
  • English to/from French
  • English to/from German
  • English to/from Italian
  • English to/from Japanese
  • English to/from Korean
  • English to/from Portuguese
  • English to/from Russian (Russian to English only)
  • English to/from Spanish

The translation service list starting to built now, some more language translation will be added soon by the Live search team.

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