Expect Price Changes, New Features in Aakash Tablet

The cheapest Android tablet in the world, Aakash, price will go down further south and will continually evolve with new features, according to Times of India.

Aakash tablet to the casual eye is just another tablet. The pricing, however, is the tablet’s biggest plus point. This 7-inch Android tablet works remarkably well and is a point of pride for the Indian government for it is the driving force behind this project.

For an affordable Rs. 3000 ($60) you can have your own tablet. But there’s more for students in India.

For Rs. 1500 ($30), Indian students can book Aakash tablet. Best of all, once you have the tablet with you, there’s no need to worry about it becoming obsolete as the folks at Datawind are promising to bring new features in every six months or so.

Improved battery life, better processing power can and will be increased overtime in Aakash. And they also believe it is possible to lower the price of the tablet, to what extent and when is a moot point for now.

Nonetheless, Aakash tablet looks promising and for the current price, it’s a sure success not only in India but also worldwide. Looking at the rough figures tossed by Times of India, already 3 lakh Aakash tablets have been booked and by the end of the year 2012 around 50 lakh units are expected to be sold.

The only thing we could do, as a consumer, is to wait patiently for Aakash to hit the market, which is only a few weeks away.

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