BlackWidow By Razer Vs. Logitech Keyboard K800: Tales of Two Keyboards!

For anyone on the lookout for high quality input devices, two new keyboards have just been revealed. One is by Razer and will be an asset for gaming while the other is a wireless backlit keyboard from Logitech.

The name Razer is nowadays associated with superb gaming peripherals and the latest keyboard is further proof of their prowess. Named the Razer BlackWidow, this keyboard is meant to give gamers superior comfort and tactile feedback while playing games.

Most of the so-called ‘gaming’ keyboards have stiff keys which can lead to an uncomfortable gaming experience and Razer is out to make sure that this product does not generate any such complaints. Since you will use a gaming keyboard for longer and with more intensity, key feedback is a vital part of the package.


The key response on the Razer’s BlackWidow keyboard is quite similar to clicking a mouse. The key actuation point is located halfway through a full key press and this provides for amazing accuracy minus the extra effort in the heat of battle.

To top it off this is the only mechanical keyboard which has fully programmable keys and also features quick macro recording. There are five added gaming keys and you can get your hands on this keyboard from September onwards for under $80.

While that should take care of your gaming needs, the Logitech keyboard has something unique to offer too. Most backlit keyboards depend heavily on USB cables to draw power and thus far a wireless backlit keyboard has been a bit of a rarity.

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But the Wireless illuminated Keyboard K800, is different because it retains charge for almost 10 days allowing wireless operation during this period. And a lot of care has been taken to make it energy-efficient. For example an ambient light sensor automatically regulates the intensity of the backlight. So, when the surroundings are quite bright, the backlight will be at its dimmest.


There are proximity sensors fitted in the keyboard which help detect your touch and the backlit feature activates accordingly. So when you are not using the keyboard for some time, the light will dim automatically.

Moreover you can adjust the brightness of the backlight manually, according to the type of lighting available. When the charge finally runs out you can use the supplied micro USB cable to power it up once again. This keyboard costs a shade under $100 and is worth every cent of the price!