Complete List of Fake Antivirus Programs Softwares

There are times when you go about downloading and buying commercial antivirus softwares just to get rid of those nasty virus from your system. Of course, you might end up owning a wrong product, which, in this case is an fake antivirus product.

Fake Antivirus Softwares?

It is an obvious fact that there are hundreds of softwares created every day and marketed for money, i.e., people (You) are convinced to buy the product because of the neat sales page; of course these software products are nothing but junk.

In some cases, fake antivirus products are given away for free download (brings a smile eh?) with an intention to harm your system. Then, as you’ve such fake programs up and running, you’ll face consequences that can actually force you to buy expensive desktop security programs which is an pain in the arse.


Dealing with such Fake Antivirus Programs

Once you are aware that the rare program (rouge program) you have on your pc doesn’t work anymore, or acts up weirdly then it is time to uninstall them. You can use programs like ccleaner or revo uninstaller which are trusted programs. As soon as you’re done uninstalling them, download any one of the best antivirus softwares mentioned in our post to be on the safer side.

List of Fake Antivirus Softwares

I’ve researched the web and gathered the links (from an non-English forum) that contains some of the updated list of the fake antivirus softwares. Check out the page of Fake antivirus softwares and rogue programs. Always make sure that you look into that list before downloading any fake security products.

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