Droid X Versus Droid 2 Versus HTC Droid Incredible Smart Phones

For all you Droid lovers, 2010 is surely proving a great year, because its raining phones and you have so many options to choose from. Android devices are providing great competition for the Apple iPhone 4 which has swept half the world off its feet.

The other half is pinning its hopes on the Android devices and three of the latest Android phones; the Droid X, the Droid 2 and the HTC Droid Incredible are expected to have what it takes to stand up to the iPhone 4.

Let’s pit these phones against each other with a short bio of each, so that you can understand which phones packs the greatest punch.

The Droid X

The Droid X was marketed by Motorola with the tagline ‘are you man enough…’ and so expectations were quite high prior to its launch. And it duly delivered with a 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen, 8MP camera capable of shooting videos in HD, Android 2.1 upgradeable to the 2.2 Froyo and features such as mobile hotspot. Moreover, it has a HDMI output and uses the Motoblur software as the UI.


The downside of this phone is that the 8MP camera is not sharply responsive and the Motoblur software is simply not as good as the HTC sense. And the fact that it lacks a front facing camera means that video calling is not possible.

The Droid 2

This Motorola phone is yet to launch, though leaked picture of the finished Droid 2 product is found all over the internet these days. So, the specs known so far about this to-be-released-in-August phone are all complied from various ‘inside sources’ which may not be accurate, but should be pretty close nonetheless.

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This phone resembles the original Droid and has a 3.7 inch touch screen with a 5MP camera.  It is powered by a 1GHz processor (which was rumored to be only 512 MHz till some days back) and 8GB of preinstalled memory, which you can increase to 16 GB with an SD card.

The word is that this will be the first phone with the Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. That will be great news for Android fans without doubt!

The HTC Droid Incredible

Mixing it up with the big boys from the stables of Motorola is the HTC Incredible, which was released late April this year. This phone works on the Android 2.1 OS and like the other two phones has 8GB of internal memory. Like the Droid X, it has an 8MP camera, but a 3.7 inch screen with a WVGA resolution.


The HTC Sense interface is better than most smartphone UI’s, but the front camera is missing here too.

All three phones have Verizon Wireless as the carrier and it would not be fair to comment on how the Droid 2 will shape up against the other two until it comes out.

But right now the Droid X is the Android super-phone to beat, having displaced the HTC Droid Incredible from this very position. Will the Droid 2 do the same, to the Droid X? Well, that’s what remains to be seen!