Free Video Cutter that Cuts and Converts Videos into DIVX, MP3, Mp4..

Free video cutters softwares are hard to find, some offers demo trial version for cutting the videos whereas others doesn’t allow you to convert the DVD video format into Mp4, Divx or Mp3.

Here is a dual-use software for cutting and converting videos which is also an excellent freeware that I would recommend anyone who are trying to cut DVD videos, AVI videos or any sort of video and convert them into DIVX, Mp4 format in a couple of minutes.

With Free video cutter tool you can make video thumbs, cut videos effectively without any complication. The tool is easy to use, open your video and wait for the process to begin, choose the starting and ending point of the video and then save it in the desired format such as Mpeg-4, Divx, WMV, MOV, FLV or Mp3 format.

While the video converting process takes place – the size of the video is increased or decreased i.e, the video compression takes place automatically, for example: A mp4 video of size 50mb is reduced to 15mb FLV format which is another added benefit if you’re uploading the video to Youtube!

I hope this freeware video cutter tool is the ultimate video cutting solution for you as well :) Download now.

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