Google web browser – Download Latest Google chrome browser

Google’s 2 day hyped web browser called as “Google chrome” is finally launched few hours ago.The browser has got a excellent response from users and Google chrome is indeed a browser worth mentioning.This amazing light  weight browser has all the features to beat other browsers around.

The live Google Press conference for Google chrome was held on the Internet in popular news websites which showcased the release talks over video and text based chats.This swept up thousands of  web lovers and bloggers to download the browser out of curiosity.Nearly 30% of people shifted from Mozilla firefox,IE and other browser to Google chrome.I am sure most of the people will stick with Chrome browser due to it’s excellent features.

Update : Chrome addons like Adblock which was a Firefox addon/extension can be found here.There are lot more addon collected and written in this post for Google chrome

If you still want to know about the features then here is a quick glance on latest Chrome’s ability :

Speed dial feature – The browser displays website in thumbnail when you start the page just like Opera speed dial.

Easy drag and drop – you can easily drag the tabs and drop with anywhere effortlessly.The smooth interface takes browsing to a new level.

Fast loading address bar – unlike firefox old url,Google chrome has a fast loading address bar when typed something (Url suggestion).

Application shortcut – Easily create shortcuts of application to launch your web favorites.

Some more small features like clean invisible status bar and un obstructive easy search option,private web browsing and most of all it is the light weight speed browsing which makes chrome suitable for browsing on PC with simple specification.If you are still on browser which consumes high resource and gets stuck in the middle of multi tasking then chrome would be a better option to choose for.

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Just like other browser,you can restore and backup your profile too.Google chrome latest web browser is in beta version now,but you can still download and it will hardly take couple of minutes to set things up and have a speed browsing experience.Also Chrome browser supports Windows vista and Windows xp platform.The launch of other platform for MAC,Linux will be packed in by the next version release.If you are the one on windows xp or vista then download chrome now!