Latest PSP Exploit. Firmware 6.20 Save Data Download

Finally, a new psp exploit is released by the psp fanatics that is able to hack psp with official firmware 6.20; although still in its improvement state, the exploit definitely sheds some light on what’s in store for the psp users which is indeed a very good news for the most of us.

As pointed out by pspslimhacks, this is certainly a fresh psp news that everyone is waiting for. Tested by them, the Hello world Save data exploit works on firmware running 6.20 on all psp models i.e., psp 2000, psp 3000, psp 3004 and on the latest psp Go.

Here is the short video from Youtube that shows the save data exploit which actually does work on psp device:

This leads to the doors for the upcoming eloader release along with cfw (custom firmware) for PSP version, meaning that you can actually play iso, cso games on psp 6.20 firmware. However, you can download the save data exploit and also the demo of the game patapon from psp slim hacks. Here are the links:

  • Patapon 2 Demo (USA) – 99.2 MB – Click here.
  • Save data game exploit for 6.20 – 140.8 KiB – Click here.

After you’ve downloaded both the files, follow this instruction..

Copy the save game UCUS98732_DATA02 to your save game data and the demo to PSP/GAME on your mass memory or memory stick. Remember to copy over the whole folder UCUS98734. Now the binary h.bin needs to be placed in your memory stick root or mass memory root (PSP Go)

You can’t play all the iso, cso psp games after upgrading. Well, let’s just wait for the eloader to be released for 6.20 and when it does, thousands of happy faces will emerge as we have been anxiously waiting to experience the 6.xx firmware! 😉

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