Interesting Alarm Clocks To Wake You Up | Weird Gadgets

One of the most difficult thing for all of us is to get up in the morning from our cozy beds and the annoying beating sounds of the alarm clocks takes you out from your own dream world.

If you are bored with your same simple looking alarm clocks which you snooze everyday in the morning, then we are bringing for you a list of some interesting alarm clocks. These interesting or you can also term them as weird alarm clocks gadgets will not only make their special presence in your room but will make sure that you get up on time in the morning.

Carpet Alarm Clock: In order to turn off this alarm clock you will have to step on it with your own 2 feet and for this you have to surely come out of your bed, there is no other way round.

Puzzle Alarm Clock: This clock will bring your old school days back as in order to turn off its alarm you will have to pick up all the pieces thrown in the air and put them back together. So once you will get into this activity, you will forget all about your lovely dreams.

Dumbbell Weights Alarm Clock: The dumbbell shaped clock also takes care of your health because in order to turn off its ringer you will have to perform a predetermined numbers of reps. What can be a better and a healthy way of starting your day.

Clocky Alarm Clock: No more snoozing with this clock because as soon as you press the snooze button it will jump out from the stand and will move all around the room until and unless you get up and shut it off.

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Glowing Pillow alarm clock: This interesting alarm clock inbuilt within your comfortable pillow slowly lights up in the morning and gets brighter and brighter to wake you from a peaceful sleep.

Sfera Alarm Clock: Mounted above your bed on the ceiling this clock has to be touched and then it retracts towards the ceiling and gets brighter. So finally you have to stand on your bed to switch it off.

Laser Target Alarm Clock: It will ensure that you are completely wake up as the target in the clock needs to be shot 4 times repeatedly to shut it off.

The list is endless and you have to make a choice as which one will prove to be the best alarm clock to take you out from your bed ;)