Toshiba’s New CEVO Engine Brings 3D HD Video Viewing Experience on Monitors

Get ready to experience a whole new level of 3D HD video, with the Toshiba CEVO engine. This technology will be available early next year in a Toshiba television which will cost les than 5000 Euros. Once you just have a look at the sheer brilliance of the display, you will understand that 2011 may be a big year for high end video displays.

What is the Toshiba CEVO engine all about? It is basically composed of cell multicore processors, which facilitate enhanced picture processing. The CEVO has a whole processor for conversion of 2D images to 3D. It can also upscale images lower than 1080p.

What in Store With Toshiba’s Cevo Engine

The basic 3D display on the CEVO is pretty awesome too. Brightness and colors are automatically adjusted to help cope with the dimming caused by 3D glasses. More than 3000 LED lights are used in the background of the LCD display, to provide image brightness which you may never have seen before.


These lights are divided into 512 locally dimmed sectors which the CEVO engine utilizes to dim the picture as needed. Whereas only 90 nits are necessary for a good image display, here you get 1000 nits! Even looking at such as bright image without 3D glasses can be a bit taxing on your eyes.

But when you put the glasses on, the brightness is just perfect. The intelligent dimming function also modifies the contrast ratio to an optimum mark by pitching black against radiant colors. This is as close to 2D brightness as you will ever get with 3D glasses on. Forget about all the complaints of ‘dark’ images you may have had while using 3D glasses earlier.

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This technology can easily outdo Plasma in terms of brightness and Toshiba has just taken intelligent dimming to the next level. It will be even better if something similar is dished out for computer displays!