Revelation: The Motorola Droid Pro Tablet! Motorola Stingray Tablet

Motorola has big plans, along with Andro\id and Verizon, the latest indication being a tablet with the model number MZ600. This may be a tablet computer, or a slab form factor device pretty similar to the Droid X, but with a cool name like Stingray, you would not mind what it is!

The name of the Motorola Droid Pro Tablet is not yet officially confirmed, though leaked documents call the tablet ‘Stingray’, but it may also be a codename for the tablet project. Whether or not the name actually sees the light of day, the device surely will and you should be really excited about that, if nothing else.

The MotoMZ600 tablet will supposedly have a 10-inch display and NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset. Motorola is also reportedly waiting for the Android 3.0 Gingerbread OS before launching this phone. This OS should be more compatible with tablets than even the Android 2.2 Froyo, which is latest Google OS.


Probably the Gingerbread OS will debut on this tablet, before it hits any phones. And that will be a huge coup for Motorola and a great way to drive sales of the tablet device. The Stingray also has front and rear cameras, which means that you can communicate with family and friends via video, stream live videos from where you are and even take photos on the go.

One thing is for sure: Stingray should be a better proposition than the updated Dell Streak, which despite being an excellent device has never quite established itself as a top-end Android tablet, because of its screen size, which is only 5 inches. Also as an FiOS enabled tablet, it may prove to be more attractive to end-users than the Apple iPad. But then again, Apple has a second generation iPad in the pipeline, which may make life more difficult for the Stingray.

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Can Stingray compete against the Samsung Galaxy P1000 Tablet? Whether or not the Stingray has adequate Sting in its tail will only be decided once the device is available, but it is for sure that the tablet wars are underway. Motorola has to achieve that fine balance between phones and tablets to be successful because competitors such as Apple may have greater resources at their disposal, which gives them a greater margin for error.