Samsung’s Next Budget Smartphone: Galaxy Pocket Plus

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus, an entry level Android smartphone is soon to be launched in Europe. The news is revealed via a leaked ROM from October. If you didn’t know yet, Pocket plus is a low-end smartphone. It is a decent phone with basic specifications, but it does have Android v4.0.4 packed in, which is what really sets this budget smartphone apart from the rest of the crowd.


Let’s check out the specifications and list out a couple of key features of the smartphone.


The Samsung Galaxy Pocket has a 2.8-inch screen with QVGA resolution of 240 x 320. It has pixel density of 143ppi. A little more is what we expected here. The smartphone has a single core processor of 832 MHz.

Under the hood there’s a processor powerful enough for gaming and multitasking. The smartphone has in-built storage space of 3 GB, along with an expandable 32 GB SD card support.Overall, that’s the most you can expect from an entry level smartphone.

Galaxy Pocket Plus has a 2MP camera which is pretty normal. It also captures video in QVGA at 15fps. The battery is of 1200 mAh — sufficient enough to ably power this smartphone. While the predecessor, GTS5300 comes with Android 2.3.6 and Galaxy Pocket Plus, GTS5301 with Android 4.0.4, there is better possibility of Pocket Plus getting Ice Cream Sandwich update. So, this is one thing to cheer about.

Along with old GT-S5300 and new GT-S5301 there is one other smartphone too, GT-S5302. It will be a dual SIM phone called as Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos. The duos phone will have exactly similar specifications to those of single SIM GT-S5301 except the dual SIM support.

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What is new:

As per the tradition of Samsung, the only new thing you get in their advance handsets is improved processor and battery. This is probably the only thing Samsung focuses on while launching advance models of already existing phones. You can notice this fact by comparing the specifications of Galaxy S and Galaxy S advance or Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Ace Plus. Galaxy Pocket Plus too is no exception here as it has faster processor and better battery than its predecessor.

We are not sure when will Galaxy Pocket Plus hit the market, but if you are planning to grab one, then this is a good entry level smartphone at budget price. Stay away, if you are expecting some big bonanza.