Wish This Incredible iPhone 5S Concept Was Real [Video]

We have seen countless number of iPhone concepts — some are really good, some not so. If you are following iPhone scene for a while, you will know that Apple is supposedly working on the next-generation iPhone, appropriately labelled as “iPhone 5S”— that’s the name endorsed by the tech community. While we wait for the real iPhone 5S release, which is going to happen next year, here’s a concept video worth checking out.

Developed by Frank_Snk, and first noted by a French blog, this concept video puts on display a full-blown iPhone 5S device. We have seen many videos, but this one beats them all — there’s a lively background tune and a believable mockup of iPhone 5S.

At about 25 seconds into the video, the iPhone 5S becomes ridiculously innovative. Both the left and right parts of the iPhone remain on the ground while the screen lifts itself up at 45 degree angle. We no longer have a smartphone. We now have a projector.


The built-in projector flashes a complete Mac-like keyboard and Trackpad on the table while on the wall there’s a Mac OS screen. You don’t have to carry your laptop anymore, as you can type through this keyboard and save notes or browse through the web using Mac OS screen. Check out the video:


The video certainly had us lost in thought and if ever Apple is going to release such a phone, we will grab one without second thoughts. Probably take two if Apple promises to offer transparent screen on iPhone 5S. Or three if Apple wires this resizing concept into its OS. Okay, four.

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