How To Play Pokemon GO on PC or Laptop With Koplayer

There are many ways to play Pokemon GO without leaving the house. Previously I gave how to play Pokemon GO using BOT and Nox Pokemon GO . To play Pokemon GO on PC using Nox, many players are having problems running it.

In addition to using Nox App Player, it turns out that there are other Android emulators that are light enough to run Pokemon GO on a PC, computer or laptop. This emulator called Koplayer is suitable for running Pokemon GO on a PC or laptop with under 2GB RAM.

Play Pokemon GO on PC or Laptop with Koplayer

Playing Pokemon GO on PC using Koplayer will certainly make it easier for you to find Pokemon, win gyms, break eggs, and so on, without having to leave the house. Here’s how to run Pokemon GO on PC with the lightest Android emulator.

How to Install Koplayer to Play Pokemon GO on PC or Laptop

  • Download Koplayer and install it on your PC or laptop.
  • Once installed, set the location first.
  • If the location is set, just run Pokemon GO . Login using your Google account or Pokemon Trainer Club .
  • To be able to run the character, click the keyboard button > Specify the location of the button > Save.

For those of you who are still confused, you can watch the following video:

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