5 Easy Steps to Write Your Own Autobiography

Own Autobiography

Interested in writing an autobiography but don’t know how? Here’s how to write your own autobiography easily, in just 5 steps!

Now, before we learn how to write an autobiography according to the title above, we should first refresh ourselves by remembering the meaning of the autobiographical text and the material itself. Launching from the educational site Pendidikanpedia , autobiographical text is a biographical text written by the person himself. Well it’s pretty easy to understand, right?

Now let’s move on to the purpose of the autobiographical text, the characteristics of the autobiographical text, the types of autobiography, the rules of language, and how to write your own autobiography. Read on for more!

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Purpose of Autobiographical Text

  • Autobiographical Text Features
  • Types of Autobiography
  • Benefits of Autobiographical Text
  • Autobiographical Language Rules
  • How to Write Your Own Autobiography

Purpose of Autobiographical Text

The purpose of writing an autobiography, among others, as follows.

  • Introduce yourself in detail to many people.
  • It can be for branding needs or just for imaging to others.
  • Provide lessons, illustrations, or stories that inspire and motivate readers.
  • Tell about your own experiences that have brought you success in your current field, be it business, career, politics, or others.

Autobiographical Text Features

Below are some of the characteristics of an autobiographical text, namely:

  • Written using the first person point of view.
  • Tells the story of the author’s life journey alone, or with the help of other writers.
  • Written refers to based on the author’s own memory and experience.
  • Often times the author displays the story of the author’s life through difficult times to achieve success.
  • Sometimes, one’s own autobiography also only displays some positive information, the goal is to image the author’s own character, usually used by a political figure.
  • Can inspire, motivate, and provide wisdom to readers about the valuable lessons in it.
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Types of Autobiography

Do you know? It turns out that autobiography is not only in the form of one kind, there are also types. Well, here is Vimvoxlab explaining 5 types of autobiographies.

  1. Autobiography of an Unknown Person This
    type of autobiography consists of several unknown people with their original claims. His autobiographical essays have been written and they are distributed to the wider community.
  2. Autobiography as a Critique of Totalitarianism
    Autobiography written by victims and opponents of the Totalitarian regime. The author is able to convey his criticism of a regime very clearly through the forms of writing in the form of their autobiography.
  3. Autobiographical Fiction
    It is a type of autobiographical text in which the contents tell a fictional character from a novel and are made as if the character himself wrote it.
  4. Fake Autobiography
    And the last type is fake autobiography, it tells the story that the author has had a very miserable life. Like coming from a family with a lot of problems, bad behavior, and so on. Yet the fact is not like that.

Benefits of Autobiographical Text

From an autobiographical text, of course you can take lessons and benefits. Here are some of the benefits of an autobiography, namely:

  • Gain a new perspective from an event, occurrence, or experience in the past.
  • Knowing how others see and judge you.
  • Reflective material to re -understand the past.
  • Be aware of the changes that occur within yourself from time to time.
  • Become an added value in terms of professionalism.
  • Seeing mistakes from the past and being able to learn from them.

Autobiographical Language Rules

Linguistic elements of autobiographical texts There are several elements or rules of linguistics in autobiographical texts, namely:

  • Verbs are groups of words that represent the work or things the character does.
  • Adverbs of time are words that function to show the time of the events experienced by the character.
  • Word reference , which is a word that refers to another word that has been previously written.
  • Conjunctions are words that function to connect one word to another.
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How to Write Your Own Autobiography

For those of you who want to know how to make a good and correct autobiographical text for yourself, here’s how:

  1. Determine the purpose of writing an autobiography.
  2. Start making an outline of your life experiences and stories that you want to write about.
  3. Collecting information and data.
  4. Start writing experiences into a learning context for the reader.
  5. Arrange the outline or outline of the autobiography and develop it according to the structure of the autobiographical text.

So that’s how to write your own autobiography and some other autobiographical material. From now on, you can write your own biography. If you have any questions, just write them in the comments! Hopefully helpful, and thank you.