Walkie Talkie: Everything You Need To Know

Although there will be those who consider it a vintage item, the walkie talkie is still valid today, in the 21st century. Although mobile phones seem to be the only possible means of communication between individuals, the truth is that these portable radio transmitters provide better results in environments and situations where your smartphone lacks a signal.

The ability to communicate immediately, free of charge and with multiple users at the same time continues to make walkie talkies the best option for team work. Walkie talkies that are waterproof are ideal for keeping in touch with the rest of your group when participating in outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, snowboring, and skiing. They do not depend on mobile networks to operate, while their low costs make them very profitable

The most important

  • There are walkie talkies for maritime, professional and outdoor activities. They are great allies when coordinating a team in real time and immediately.
  • For some sports that are played far from urban centers, walkie talkies can be the difference between life and death. If you have an emergency where there is no phone reception, a long range walkie talkie will help you call for help.
  • Digital walkie talkies allow you to encrypt your message. This means that they provide great security when communicating restricted information.

How does a walkie talkie work ?

Walkie talkies work through radio waves emitted by the device itself. That is, through their antennas, they emit a signal that can be received by an equal device (another walkie talkie ).

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They do not depend on external antennas for their operation and are usually very reliable over short distances. Hence, its use is recommended for emergency situations.

What are the advantages of a walkie talkie ?

The first thing you should know is what are the benefits of acquiring a walkie talkie, a device that, at first glance, may be obsolete or rudimentary. Nothing is further from reality. Among the main advantages you will get with a walkie talkie are:

  • Security: Walkie talkies provide extremely secure communications between participants, as they can be encrypted. No one will be able to tap into your walkie talkie.
  • Reliability: By emitting their own radio signal, they do not depend on external variables such as telephone antennas or relay towers. Walkie talkies do n’t run out of signal.
  • Immediacy: Communications are immediate and do not depend on whether or not the receiver decides to answer. The push to talk (press and speak) is literal.
  • Price: Currently, walkie talkies can be obtained for very affordable amounts. If you add to that that you will not have to make additional payments to use them, they are well worth it.

What types of walkie talkies can I get?

Walkie talkies, like mobile phones and the most common communication systems, have also advanced a few steps in their technological evolution. Its improvements may have been overshadowed by the popularity of smartphones. However, you should know that there are different types of walkie talkies, among which we can find:

  • Analog: They are the most used and the ones you usually get in stores. They are cheap, operate under the PMR frequency, which does not require a license, and you just have to turn them on to start talking.
  • Digital: They offer greater benefits than analog walkie talkies. The audio quality does not decrease with distance, they can send text messages to the emergency service, the encryption of communications is guaranteed and some even integrate GPS. Your weak point? They usually need permissions to use.
  • Hybrids: These integrate the best of the previous two. They do not require a license and their audio quality improves markedly, although they are still subject to loss of audio quality over distance. However, to enjoy all the advantages of its digital capacity, you will have to obtain a permit.
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