How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows Recycle Bin? | 2023 Guide

Any file or folder which gets deleted from your Windows system ends up in the Recycle Bin. But at times, you might delete some of those files using the Shift + Delete keys or you might have emptied the bin folder, resulting in permanent loss of your vital files.

If you are one of the thousands of Windows users who have lost files from the Bin folder or lost the entire bin folder itself. This ultimate guide will help you recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin.

Do note you first need to stop using your system immediately. I recommend you remove the hard drive and connect it to other system as a secondary drive. This increases the chances of bin recovery.

Can you Recover Files Deleted from Recycle Bin?

The answer is yes, as long as your files have not been overwritten with new data. You can recover any and every file not just from the Bin folder but any location.

You can try some of the manual solutions such as restoring files from backups from Cloud or external storage devices, or you can also utilize any specialized data recovery tool like Remo File Recovery Tool.

How to Recover Files Deleted from Windows Recycle Bin?

In this section we will be providing you various solutions that can help you bring back files deleted from the Bin.

Do note these solutions require you to have backups stored in the Cloud such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc. or on any external storage device such as Hard Drive, USB, Flash Drive, etc.

Without further adieu, let’s start the deleted file recovery from the bin process.

Solution 1: Restore Copies of Files Deleted from Recycle Bin from External Storage Devices

Data loss is one of the most dreadful issue any computer or laptop user can face. However, data loss is also an inevitable issue, faced by almost all user at some point or the other.

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This is precisely where backups come in handy. If you have a backup saved on any storage drive, then follow these steps to restore those files.

Step 1 – Connect the Drive where you have saved copies of deleted files.

Step 2 – Find the files that you want to restore.

Step 3 – Select the file(s) or folder(s) that you want to restore, right-click and from the menu click on Copy. Go to the location where you want to save those files.

Step 4 – Right-click and select the Paste option.

All of your backup files will get saved in the selected location.

You can also drag the backup files from the external drive and drop it in your system.

Solution 2: Restore Backup Copies of Deleted Files from Cloud

If you are someone who saves a copy of important files and folder on a Cloud like Google Drive or OneDrive or anywhere else. Then you can also restore those files and use it.

Here’s how you can restore files from Cloud.

1 – Log in to your OneDrive account.


2 – Go to the folder where your files reside, select the file(s) that you want to restore and click on the Download button.

3 – When prompted select save as save as option and if asked, select the location. If not, your files will by default get saved in the Downloads folder.

4 – If those files are large in size, then the file will get downloaded as a .zip file you need to unzip it to extract its contents.

If you use Google Drive you can try these steps

1 – Log in to your Google Account and go to the Google Drive

2 – Move to the location where you have saved your files. You can also use the search bar to quickly search for files.

3 – Select the files that you want to restore from the G-Drive, right-click on the three vertical dots and from the menu tap on the Download button.

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4 – The files will get saved in the Downloads folder with a .zip files extension.

5 – You need to unzip and extract the contents of the file and save it on any location of your choice.

Solution 3: Recover Files Deleted from Windows Recycle Bin Using Remo File Recovery Tool

When you don’t have a backup or you have no idea about Previous Version or File History you can let the experts take over and do their job. This is where tools like Remo comes to your rescue.

Remo File Recovery tool is designed to make the stressful task of recovering files deleted from the Bin easy, just 7 simple click and you’re done.

Step 1 – Download the tool on your Windows system. Launch the tool from the main screen select the Recycle Bin as a location from where you want to recover files and click on the Scan button.


If you are using your drive as a secondary drive then select that particular drive.

Step 2 – The tool is built with powerful and extremely useful features such as the Dynamic Recovery View option.

You don’t have to wait till the completion of the entire scanning process. You can now easily view the files that the tool has recovered as and when the scan progresses.

In addition to that the tool displays the recovered files in a properly organized tree view.


Step 3 – In addition to Dynamic Recovery View, the tool also has an Advanced Filter option that can help you effortlessly filter, sort, and find a particular type of file(s).

Step 4 – One of the best features about this tool is, it lets you select the files that you want to restore. You can now be sure to recover only important files without having to worry about the unwanted and unnecessary clutter.

Step 5 – The tool also lets you preview the recovered files, just double click on any recovered file to have a look at it.

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Step 6 – You are now required to select the files that you want to recover once done, select a location where you want to save the recovered files.

Step 7 – The tool starts the data saving process, Upon completion of the data restoration process. You can view and use the files.


We are sure by now you know how to recover files that were deleted from windows system.

You need to keep few things in mind. Always take a backup at regular intervals, be very very careful when you delete any file especially when you are using Shift and Delete option or emptying the Recycle Bin. at times little mistakes can lead to disastrous problem later on.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recovering Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

  1. Are files in Recycle Bin Permanently Deleted?

No, the files that are deleted from your Windows system stay in the bin till the end of time, unless you decide to delete them forever.

  1. Where do the Permanently Deleted Files go if not in Recycle Bin?

The permanently deleted files still reside in the internal hard drive. But the catch is your OS marks the space as empty and ready to be overwritten by new files.

  1. How to Recover Deleted Files from the Recycle Bin without Software or for Free?

If you don’t want to try any third-party data recovery software, then you need to have a backup of the original files. You can also try any free tools such as Photorec, TestDisk, or FreeRecover, etc.

  1. What Makes Remo File Recovery Software the Best Tool to Recover Files Deleted from The Recycle Bin?

Remo File Recovery by Remo Software is a renowned data recovery tool. The tool is built with all the right features and options one needs for a safe and fast way to get back deleted files from the Bin folder.