How to Thoroughly Enjoy the Texas Sunset: A Travel Guide

texas sunset
texas sunset

Taking a pause as the temperature cools and the sun sets is a great way to end your day in Texas. But did you know that watching the sunset also offers psychological benefits, such as improving your mood?

If you needed an excuse to take a pause and watch the sunset, then the benefits for your health is a good one. Plus, there are many memorable activities to do in Texas around this time, where you often get a display of colors in the sky. Read on to get inspired on how to enjoy the Texas sunset here.

Find a Panoramic View

Many areas of Texas enjoy over 200 days of sun per year. There are several top panoramic spots to observe the changing sky and enjoy the beauty Texas has on offer. These spots include:

Reunion Tower Dallas

You do not have to get away from the city to enjoy sunsets. Dallas’ Reunion Tower is a great example of the 360-degree high-elevation views you can enjoy in Texas. You could even combine it with visiting their bar and restaurant around sunset.

Covert Park at Mount Bonnell

Covert Park is a high elevation point in Austin, considered the highest at around 775 feet. There is a panoramic view over Austin and the lake, which makes it the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset. Bring a picnic to take in the sunset at a slow pace and enjoy the transition from day to night.

South Congress Bridge

Another great spot to watch the sunset is South Congress Bridge, which is also known for all the bats that fly out! If you want a unique experience at sunset, visit this bridge for bats and incredible views of the sunset.

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Old Baldy Park

Climb the 218 limestone steps to reach a panoramic view over Hill County. Old Baldy Park is near Wimberley and has the peak of Mount Baldy for sunset. It is an easy trek that is accessible for all ages.

Visit a Loved One

Many people in Texas have designed their homes to enjoy the sun to its fullest, from pools to solar panels, with solar companies catering to all of Texas. You do not have to go far to watch the sunset. You can also get together with loved ones in someone’s backyard.

Visit a National Park

Take a trip to one of Texas’ most popular parks to enjoy the sunset to its fullest. You can enjoy one of the trails without unforgiving temperatures, along with enjoying views with a colorful sky backdrop. Some of the best places for sunset include:

Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is a great place to enjoy the sunset. Areas such as Chisos Basin include trails for a unique sunset, like the Window View trail. You can watch the window frame the sun setting!

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock is located close to Fredericksburg. It’s a popular spot for hiking, sunsets, and stargazing. Go to one of the lookout points and be wowed by some of the best Texan sunsets.


Luckenbach is not only the smallest town in Texas, it’s also where the smallest Texan park is, called the Old Tunnel State Park. This is one of the most memorable activities to do in Texas as the sun sets through the old abandoned railroad tunnel.

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Monanhans Sandhills State Park

Transport yourself to the desert (without the camels) at Monanhans Sandhills. You will experience a unique sunset over around 3,800 acres of sand dunes. You could also choose an activity such as sand surfing or horse riding to enjoy the moment.

Get on the Water

There are many popular spots around Texas around bodies of water. So, what better way to enjoy the sunset than combining it with a water activity? Here are some of the top spots for sunset around the water in Texas.

Ladybird Lake Austin Boardwalk or San Antonio River Walk

Watch the water as the sun sets and you stroll along a boardwalk. For Austin, start at Auditorium Shores and head back along the Boardwalk for the best sunset views. In San Antonio, you can pick one of the restaurants for a patio view or stick to strolling as the sky changes to orange and yellow.

Mozart’s on the Lake

Mozart’s is a beautiful coffee shop in Austin with a patio overlooking Lake Austin. There are also two levels of seating, so you can find your ideal spot for sunset. Enjoy a delicious coffee and pastry at the same time!

Go on a Sunset Cruise

There are specific activities for sunset, such as sunset cruises. One of the best places to do this is in Downtown Austin. They can be a popular option, especially on weekends, so book in advance.

Pedernales Falls State Park

Combine watching the sunset with a full day exploring Pedernales Falls. You can spend some time enjoying the park before walking the short .5-mile Twin Falls Nature Trail. You will get a great view of the falls as the sun sets.

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Kerrville-Shreiner Park

Enjoy sunset river activities along the Guadalupe River at this park. Choose to rent a canoe or kayak to enjoy the sunset from the river. Alternatively, sit on one of the shores or choose a high-elevation view of the sunset from the Guadalupe Mountains National Park instead.

Rockwall, Dallas

Enjoy the sunset over the water at Rockwall. You could take one of the boat tours on Lake Ray Hubbard. Alternatively, find a comfortable spot to enjoy the sunset from the lake shores.

Eat and Drink with a Scenic View

There are many spots around Texas that offer exceptional food and drink. Why not combine it with sunset views? Some popular sunset spots include The Oasis on Lake Travis and Azul in Austin for popular views over Austin.

Enjoy the Texas Sunset

There are many places to enjoy the Texas sunset. Follow these recommendations to get inspired and explore more of this beautiful state. However, even taking a pause each day to watch the sunset is a way to collect your thoughts and give thanks for the day.

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