Bookmarklet to Add Youtube Search Engine Box to Firefox Browser

Search Engines are obviously the life of Internet. Search anything, the way you want, and you will still end up with several results. Be it Google or YouTube, today’s search engines are really smarter and delivers results we want.

Here is a useful Search engine addon for Firefox browser that allows you to search YouTube videos.

Instead of visiting YouTube, typing the keyword in the search box on the top, you will be able to search videos in only one step. Basically this extension will replace the default search engine in Firefox (usually on the top-right side. You can always change to default search engine at any point of time.


Simply enter the keyword and the addon will redirect you to YouTube with the result page. However, note that this addon will not be able to do an advanced search for videos (like choosing to watch videos of 20+ min or longer), although you can find acoustic or cover songs quickly enough.

Click here to add YouTube search bookmarklet.

Tip 1: You can also use Youtube playlist to search, organize and watch YouTube videos. Bookmark the URL for easy access.

Tip 2 : Type “video name” (replace video name with the actual query) on Google to get relevant videos. For example, searching “Wanted Movie Trailer YouTube” on Google will display all the videos available on YouTube.

Tip 3: You can also search longer videos through this search engine box. Simply type your query followed by a comma and the keyword long. Example: “Rihanna, long.”

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