9 apps that turn your iPhone into a remote control

Smart TV, computers, slideshow, and even air conditioning. There are already applications that turn your iPhone into a remote control for all these devices. And we have made a list below with the 9 most loved ones. Check out!

1. Unified remote control

Unified Remote helps you control your computer directly from your phone. Using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, turn your smartphone into a controller for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In total, there are 18 free options. These include keyboard and mouse control, scroll tool, and file search. It is also possible to request programs and websites such as Spotify, YouTube, PowerPoint, Netflix, etc. The paid version expands the range of supported applications.

2. WD TV remote control

YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, flickr, Hulu, Pandora. These are some of the sites and tools that WD TV Remote Control allows you to control your Smart TV through your cell phone.

In addition to the common television functions, the tool allows the user to play multiplayer with friends and family. It is enough that they are also using iOS devices connected to the same Wi-Fi.

3. Uni TV zaza Remote

Uni TV zaza Remote is a tool to turn your iPhone into a multifunctional controller. It is compatible with TV, air conditioning, projector, DVD, fan, lamps, among other equipment.

Using the application may require specific settings, but they are all explained in the download link and on the program’s website. A remote control accessory is also required. Once everything is properly installed, it offers highly useful automation for those looking for practicality.

4. LGeeRemote: remote control for LG TV

Do you have an LG smart TV? Or LGeeRemote is able to turn your iPhone into the original remote control of the device. The TV simply locates the phone and then the user authorizes the connection. After that, the application starts working.

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The tool is not an official LG product, but it does gather the controls for controlling a branded smart TV. On / Off, Mute, Settings, volume up / down, change channels, among many others.

5. SamRemote: Samsung TV remote

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A virtual control that allows you to activate all the commands of a real control of a Samsung Smart TV. It is enough that your phone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the television.

From there, you just have to accept the connection between the two devices. Or SamRemote works with Samsung Smart TVs of the C Series (2010), D Series (2011), E Series (2012), F Series (2013) and K, L, M and N Series (2016, 2017 and 2018).

6. Panasonic TV Remote 2

Panasonic TV Remote 2 lets you turn your iPhone into a remote control for Panasonic flat screen VIERA TV smart TVs. The application is compatible with models manufactured between the years 2011 and 2018.

Via Wi-Fi, the tool promises a more intuitive interface than the common remote control. In addition to all the usual commands, the application has resources to transfer photos, videos, music and websites from the cell phone to the television.

7. Slideshow Remote® Lite for PowerPoint

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Are you going to present an academic paper or teach a class with a slideshow? Remote Slide Show can be of great help as it allows you to control the slides from your cell phone.

The application features features such as flipping and returning slides, going to the first or last slide, and starting and ending the presentation. You can also view and edit notes, audio feedback , and vibration, among others.

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The user can also transfer files with iTunes, open presentations attached to emails, and project the presentation on HDTV. Check fast fake id.

8. VLC Remote

Do you use VLC Media Player as a music and video player? Having the VLC Remote handy can be very useful. The tool turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for the program on Mac, PC or Linux.

You can control the volume, the display order, and control the subtitles. The application also allows you to synchronize the audio, in addition to the usual functions of “stop”, “play” and “pause”. It is currently available in 22 languages.

9. iTunes Remote

Is ITunes your music player? Or iTunes Remote , then, is the most suitable to be your remote control application. Made specifically for the program, it allows you to control iTunes from your iPhone from anywhere in the house.

And the application goes far beyond the functions of “play” and “stop”. Search songs by artists, albums, and song titles, or create and edit playlists. The user can also use the feature to find out about new trends and explore the platform’s library.